10 Ways to improve your warehouse security

Security Cameras to enhance warehouse security

Security is a crucial part of Warehouse operations, if left to chance it can ruin your stock file and affect your ability to fulfil orders. Whatever industry you are working in, there are some simple steps you can take to minimise risk.

Limit Access

Have one primary door for staff entering and leaving the warehouse. Have this manned at all times and ask all staff and visitors to sign in and out. All your other doors should be fire escapes only, and be alarmed.

Keep Dumpsters Away

Keep all dumpsters away from your property – these are easy targets for thieves wanting to hide their goods and come back later, they can also be used for scaling fencing and roofing to allow thieves easy access. Keep them locked at all times.

Separate your goods docks

Keep your goods receiving and goods shipping areas separate, if they are too close thieves can easily move items from one area to another.

Keep staff parking at arm’s length

Make sure your staff parking is as far away from the warehouse as possible. Easy access to the staff parking allows potential thieves to easily get goods into their vehicle so try to keep some distance where possible.

Install video surveillance

If it is within your budget consider installing a CCTV system for the outdoor and indoor areas, this will not only help identify thieves if an incident does occur, it will also serve to discourage most petty thieves.

Introduce staff checks

When entering or leaving secure areas at the beginning and end of shifts, check staff and make this part of the working practices of the business. Ensure a ‘two-man rule’ is abided by so that no one is ever left alone in high stock value areas.

Install mobile racking

Mobile racking systems with a lock feature can be used to limit access in your warehouse and reduce theft.

Have bars fitted to windows

As a matter of course all windows should be fitted with lockable bars for added security.

Keep toilets separate

Locate your toilets on the outer edges of your warehouse – this will ensure that anyone visiting, who may possibly be unattended at some point during their stay, isn’t allowed to freely wander into secure areas and have access to stock.

Add fencing to your plot

If you don’t already have professional fencing around your plot, invest in anti-theft fencing. Not only does it discourage night time theft, it also prevents potential thieves from ‘scoping out’ your business easily by keeping prying eyes at bay.