5 Signs Your Pallet Racking System Needs An Inspection

Pallet Racking System

A racking inspection should be regularly scheduled in your diary to ensure your storage solutions are functioning efficiently, maintaining productivity and operating safely. This article highlights the key issues to look out for.

Beam Deflection

Beam deflection in a pallet racking system refers to the bending or sagging of horizontal beams under load. It can cause instability, misalignment and potential collapse, risking damage to stored goods and human life. Signs of beam deflection include visibly bent beams, uneven loads and gaps between beams and uprights. Even load distribution is paramount in preventing excessive deflection.

Clear Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion on a pallet racking system weakens the structural integrity, leading to potential collapses and safety hazards. They can also cause material degradation, reducing the lifespan of the racking. When you discover any rust, the best course of action is to contact pallet racking repair specialists as rusted or corroded parts could mean a weakness in the structure and that it needs to be replaced. To maintain the safety of the racking, call in professionals when you notice a significant rust issue.

Damaged Safety Locks

Damaged safety locks can lead to beam dislodgement, causing instability or even rack collapse, risking damage to stored goods, potential downtime for repairs and even injury or fatality to personnel. A pallet racking inspection will identify this issue and damaged or missing locks must be replaced immediately with new, compatible ones. Keep a supply of spare safety locks onsite for prompt replacement when needed.

Pulled Anchors

When anchor bolts are dislodged or pulled away from their secure position in the concrete floor, the stability of the racking and the safety of goods and staff are at risk. Pulled anchors can result from overloading of the racking, improper installation or deterioration over time. Regular racking inspections can prevent pulled anchors from becoming a dangerous problem. Any pulled anchor bolts should be immediately replaced and checked by a pallet racking professional to ensure that health and safety legislation is maintained.

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The answer is, yes! Unless you have conducted a detailed inspection within the last few months. A general inspection should be completed weekly. Contact the experts at Quickline Storage to arrange a full warehouse racking inspection, ensuring your operations and personnel are protected, or to simply request a free quote. For more information about racking inspections, visit our ‘Essential Guide to Racking Inspections’ blog.

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