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Racking Inspections

Quickline can offer SEMA warehouse racking inspections to help maintain a safe warehouse, helping to keep your warehouse safe

A racking inspection is a visual inspection of all the warehouse racking systems. It is important to continuously assess the condition of the racking and outline any repair work that is needed to ensure your racking system is as safe as possible.

Ensuring the safety of operatives is paramount to safe operations, but racking inspections are also important for ensuring the safe storage of goods, as well as maximising warehouse storage space by keeping all racking in working order.

SEMA’s guidelines for racking inspections advise inspections should be carried out annually. However, there are instances where it may be required to conduct an inspection more frequently, such as in warehouses with a large and quick turnover of goods or where there are many vehicles used on site.

The racking inspection guidelines, which SEMA have published, colour code damage into three levels;

Red: Damage is very serious, requiring goods to be removed immediately and the racking replaced. This racking MUST not be used until the damage has been rectified.

Amber: Damage is serious and exceeds the advised tolerances outlined by SEMA. Goods must be unloaded, but immediate action is not required. Once unloaded, racking must not be used until the damage is fixed. Any amber damage should be categorised as red if the damage is not rectified within four weeks of the inspection.

Green: Damage is within SEMA guidelines and requires no further action beyond continuous monitoring. Further damage can change the level and must be reported immediately.

On top of a formal inspection, visual inspections should take place regularly by the warehouse team and any damage reported to the designated person immediately. Any damage caused by an operative or vehicle should also be reported immediately. And if in doubt, contact the specialists who will be able to advise if any repair work needs completing.

    The Inspection Process

    We outline below the process involved with a racking inspection:

    Booking in your warehouse racking inspection:

    • You can arrange your next inspection directly with Quickline - your warehouse manager or the person in charge of racking will know when it is due.
    • We can provide a quote if we installed the racking or have inspected it before. If not, you can provide a warehouse drawing for us to quote against. Otherwise, we will discuss your requirements with you before providing a quote.

    The racking inspection process:

    • The racking inspection is a visual check of the equipment, usually done at ground level. We can provide a high level inspection, should you require it, and this would require additional equipment, such as a scissor lift.
    • Our inspector will check all component parts of the racking (uprights, beams and bracing), by walking up and down each and checking each bay and run, noting any damaged or missing parts.
    • They will also advise on any possible risks, such as pallets that aren’t stored correctly.
    • The inspector will check for bends, dents, twists and missing parts (including beam locks), measuring bends on an upright on a straight edge and allocating a “green”, “amber” or “red” rating.
    • Red risks must be unloaded immediately, and amber risks unloaded as soon as possible. Neither can be reloaded until repairs have been completed.
    • The inspector will document any damage, often with images, and remedial work required. Damage requiring immediate action will be flagged with the main warehouse contact by the end of the inspection. All other damage will be detailed in the report.

    After the inspection:

    • Any amber risk not unloaded within four weeks of the inspection will immediately be re-classified as a red risk.
    • A full report, outlining the damage and any repair work, will be submitted within two weeks.
    • We will discuss, and submit a quote, for the repairs that are required.

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