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Warehouse Relocation

As your business grows, you may have outgrown your current warehouse. Warehouse relocations can be an enormous and stressful task so it is important to follow a plan to ensure it goes smoothly.

Quickline can help with your commercial warehouse relocation. Our end-to-end warehouse relocation service offers an efficient and stress-free experience, as our qualified team dismantle the existing racking system and relocate it to the new site, whether this is just around the corner or at the opposite end of the country.

Planning A Warehouse Move
We know that a warehouse relocation can be a challenging time, but with the right planning it can run extremely smoothly, with most of the hard work taken care of. We have the ability to undertake labour-only projects for clients, which can include dismantling and re-installation of racking systems.

We will arrange a site visit to your existing warehouse to understand the current installation and assess the condition of the existing racking. Our team will also visit the new site to create a storage layout that work for your business, utilising existing racking where possible.

On the day of the move, it is important that all inventory is removed from the racking to allow for a swift dismantling of the racking. Once it has been dismantled, we will transport it to the new warehouse and re-install it, using new floor bolts and fixings. Due to the nature of the business, it might be that the warehouse move is done in stages; this allows an area of the current warehouse to be cleared with the racking re-installed on the new site and inventory stored before moving onto the next section.

    Blue Racking

    Considerations Before Moving Warehouse

    Here are a few things to consider prior to your warehouse relocation;

    Is the move happening during working hours?

    • It is important to consider the impact on the business and whether you can remain operational or if you intend to close down for the duration of the move.
    • When will inventory be moved — will it be done in one go or over an allocated time period?
    • Speak with your supply chain to discuss deliveries — will you reduce these to avoid transporting goods twice?

    Is the new warehouse operational?

    • Does lighting need to be changed / removed to improve working conditions or allow the full height of the racking?
    • Is it fire safe — does it need a sprinkler system installed? Can the racking be built around existing sprinklers?
    • Are there low beams or columns that impact the configuration of the racking?

    Have you allowed for future growth?

    • Does the new warehouse support future growth if necessary?
    • Will the stock profile change and need different types of racking, such as cantilever, high density or stock rotations?
    • Do you have unused head space to allow for a mezzanine or VLM automated solution?

    Additional Storage Requirements

    The need to relocate warehouse could be as the result of business growth. This could create a requirement for additional storage systems. We will work with you to maximise the storage potential of the new warehouse and provide an optimised solution, utilising existing materials where possible to help reduce costs and lead times.

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