A Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Pallet Racking Systems

Dos and Don'ts of Pallet Racking Systems

Industrial pallet racking systems are an ideal storage solution for companies to enhance their warehouse efficiency and productivity whilst improving inventory and budget management. To make the most of pallet racking systems, it is always recommended that businesses understand good practice, not just in daily operation, but also in determining the ideal system for your circumstances.

4 Do’s of Pallet Racking

Do – Take Your Time to Understand the Options

Taking the time to learn about the different types of pallet racking systems available before making a costly commitment is crucial for several reasons, which will contribute to the overall efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of your warehouse operations.

It is important to assess your warehouse to determine whether your available space is vertical or at floor level and assess your needs to determine how flexible and adaptable you need your system to be for potential future expansion. It is also important to consider your daily operations and how the pallet racking system will work optimally to achieve efficiency.

Do – Make Safety a Priority

Warehouse Safety should be of paramount importance when considering pallet racking systems for your warehouse operations, and this extends to both products and personnel. The main priority should be to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries to both employees and visitors who are in the vicinity and the secondary factor should be to mitigate the possibility of damage to goods which could result in a negative effect on your bottom line.

Do – Regular Reflect on Your Warehouse Needs

As businesses grow and markets evolve, the types of products stored and the volume of your inventory can change significantly, which could have a negative effect on your productivity and efficiency, so it is vital you have the infrastructure in place to handle these changes. It is also important to keep abreast of any technological advances that offer enhanced alternatives and any new compliance legislation that must be met for legal and health and safety reasons.

Do – Do Label and Organise

Industrial pallet racking systems offer improved efficiency to warehouse and storage operations but making the most of these solutions by running an organised process can enhance your efficiency further. A labelled and organised system can make it easier for items to be located, quickening the distribution process and preventing accidents upon retrieval thanks to proper stacking and handling. It also allows for inventory management and audits to be precisely actioned.

4 Don’ts of Pallet Racking Systems

Don’t – Rely Entirely on Inspections

While regular inspections are crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of pallet racking systems, relying solely on them isn’t sufficient for ensuring the system operates optimally and safely. Industrial pallet racking systems are subject to constant wear and tear from use, which may not be immediately apparent through inspections, such as continuous stress, forklift impact and overloading which can weaken the structure. At Quickline, we offer racking repairs and maintenance services to keep your warehouse operational and compliant.

Don’t – Purchase Without a Plan

It is paramount to plan ahead, ensuring you install the ideal system for your premises and needs, maximising efficiency and optimising space. Speak to a member of Quickline’s expert team to discover your best way forward, enhancing your productivity in a safe and controlled manner.

Don’t – Modify Racks Without Approval

Modifying or adapting pallet racking systems in your warehouse or storage facility without proper approval or expert consultation can lead to several significant issues, primarily concerning safety, compliance and structural integrity.

Unauthorised modifications can compromise the structure, increasing the risk of collapse and heightening the risk of accidents or even fatalities. Industrial pallet racking systems must adhere to specific safety standards and building codes, which vary by location. Modifying your racking without consulting these regulations can result in legal ramifications, fines and business interruptions.

Don’t – Exceed Capacity Limits

It is vital you know the capacity limits of your pallet racking systems and never exceed them. If you are unsure, please contact us at Quickline and a member of our expert team will be able to advise you. Exceeding capacity limits could result in structural collapse, product damage, legal repercussions, insurance implications and business interruptions, but above all the practice is dangerous and puts human life at risk. Never exceed your capacity limits!

Still Unsure About What’s Possible with Pallet Racking? Speak with the Experts at Quickline!

Installing pallet racking systems maximises space, enhances inventory accessibility, improves efficiency, supports various inventory management systems and ensures operational safety in storage warehouses, which in turn enhances your business through productivity and provides you the foundations for expansion and growth.

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