Ergo-Tech: Increase Your VLM Efficiency

Increase Your VLM Efficiency with Ergo Tech

The Ergo-Tech system offers perfect ergonomics, top performance, higher picking and replenishment speed thanks to a second lift placed within the structure. The system, designed exclusively by Ferretto Group for its Vertimag modules, achieves the flow of a double bay and ensures the optimal ergonomic retrieval height for every picking and replenishment operations, without requiring additional space.

How Does The Ergo-Tech System Work?

With the Ergo-Tech system, the Vertimag VLM automatically positions the tray at the optimal picking height, thanks to a lifting device installed inside the bay structure. Whilst the operator picks an item from the tray, the system prepares the second tray for the next pick. Once the picking is completed, the first tray moves away automatically and the next one is lifted, allowing the picking to be performed at the same ergonomic height. All this ensures perfect ergonomics with no wait times between picking.

What Happens Inside The Picking Bay?

The Ergo-Tech system performs the following operations, ensuring speed and ergonomics:

    • the lift positions the 1st tray on the picking bay

    • while the operator picks the 1st item, the lift retrieves the second tray and places it on hold, in the lower part of the picking bay, below the 1st tray

    • at the end of picking, the 1st tray returns to the lift

    • the 2nd tray is lifted by the device and positioned at the picking level

    • while the operator performs the second picking on the 2nd tray, the lift returns the 1st tray on the shelves and retrieves the 3rd tray placing it on hold, in the lower part of the picking bay, below the 2nd tray

The trays are lifted by means of coated chainrings and lateral brackets, driven by a dedicated gear motor.

The Advantages Of A Dual Level Picking Bay

The Ergo-Tech dual picking bay ensures the flows of a double bay along with greater flexibility in terms of storage capacity, with no limitations on height, other than that of the warehouse. Because the system operates by lifting the second tray, the Ergo-Tech module allows material storage in different formats and sizes, with a product height of up to 400 mm. The safety photocells monitor the incoming material to prevent any risks resulting from the insertion of unsuitable items, and read the height of the material to position the tray in the most convenient location inside the vertical lift module.

The location of the Ergo-Tech device within the structure makes it possible to occupy the same footprint of a typical internal bay while allowing the flow of a double bay system.

Safety, Beyond Efficiency

The Ergo-Tech system guarantees safety and optimal working height. As the operator always performs the picking at the same ergonomic height, it reduces the risk of potential injuries from unnecessary lifting or bending movements. The picking bay is also equipped with safety barriers and the automatic closing door, which closes the opening of the picking bay when the vertical lift is in motion or when the system is not operating. The safety of the operator is guaranteed, the goods protected, and noise in the work area significantly reduced.

The LED lights also provide appropriate lighting during picking operations, especially when the lighting conditions are not optimal.

With its countless optional accessories, the Vertimag VLM Ergo-Tech solution is one of the safest, most efficient and ergonomic picking systems on the market.

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