Five Expert Tips to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse worker using laptop looking at ways to improve warehouse efficiency

Warehousing is often at the heart of a company as it receives, stores and distributes products and raw materials in a complex process that must be time-sensitive and cost-conscious.

And when warehouses are managed efficiently, costs can be kept low and, ultimately, that means customers are happy.

An efficient warehouse is achieved through a focus on maximising space, optimising staff performance and investing in up-to-date technology.

At Quickline, we can help you find the perfect warehouse solutions for your organisation so here are our five expert tips for improving efficiency.

Maximise Warehouse Space

There is never enough room so consider better use of the vertical space, adding taller storage units and the right equipment to pick and store material.

At the same time, avoid using the same type and variety of shelving throughout the entire warehouse. Instead, use a range of shelving to optimise the space.

You should ensure improvements to the warehouse space are maximised so tackle operational challenges such as shipping, lost inventory and unsafe storage practices with a proper inventory placement.

We offer standard and bespoke warehouse design solutions, thereby helping you to utilise an efficient warehouse layout.

Stock Management

Ensure you take the time to map out how your warehouse is organised, which will tell you how your goods flow in and out and how some items take more space than others.

In periods of high and low volume, stock levels should be calculated based on forecasted demand considering sales data, market trends and competitor analysis. An efficient stock management system will help businesses to manage resources, use space and coordinate staff.

Technology and Warehouse Automation

The best way to ensure that your warehouse is following global best practice is to invest in a world-class warehouse management system (WMS).

A WMS is an excellent way to tackle your warehousing challenges and gives you the ability to automate and optimise your supply chain processes with 99% inventory accuracy.

Also consider automation in the warehouse picking process, which can cut travel time, increase picking productivity and reduce costs. Investing in technology and warehouse automation can lead to dramatic cost savings and more streamlined warehouse processes.

Staff Recruitment and Training

The recruitment and training of staff are essential features of increasing efficiency as humans are rarely completely removed from the warehousing process.

And once you have hired the staff with the necessary skills and experience, keep them on track and help their knowledge to grow by implementing a quality training structure.

Without your staff knowing every requirement of their role, there is no way your warehouse can become more efficient.

Audits and Reviewing Effectiveness

You need to know how good your warehouse operations are right now across a range of functions before you can start to take action to improve them in the future.

Conducting a full audit will help identify areas that need work and provide a benchmark as you start to improve processes and efficiency.

By holding regular audits, you will start to see where those improvements are working and where further action is needed.

There are several third-party organisations that will be able to offer this service.

We know how complex warehousing can be and how important it is for many businesses; we can assist with design, relocation and inspection.

Get in touch with us if you want to improve your warehouse efficiency.