Mezzanine Floors, Why Bother?

Why invest in mezzanine floors

As a business owner, there are often times where storage space comes at a premium. Either due to restrictions on site or over crowding of product, it can be difficult to see what options there are available to you.

At Quickline storage, we offer solutions to these problems.

Usually the quickest and most cost effective solution to increase capacity for storage within an existing facility is to utilize the “dead” space.

Instead of spreading out the capacity for storage by adding extensions and taking up yard space, it is often overlooked that the space within the existing units are often underutilized. There is usually more than one reason for this but often it is due to having existing operations at ground level.

Office space, packing rooms or productions facilities are usually positioned at ground floor level, what is sometimes overlooked is that most industrial and commercial units are over 7-8m in height with none of this space being used for anything.

At Quickline storage, we can design, layout and plan the installation prior to anything structural arriving on site to ensure that your business operation is affected in the least possible way.

Mezzanine floor considerations:

    • Building control approval; there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Such as, travel distances, overall usage of the floor and the size within the unit it is positioned.

    • Floor height: Mezzanine floors can be any height, all that is required is that the staircase have a 2m clearance at all points,

    • Decking materials: This is often tongue and groove particle board, but can be changed to a mesh or chequer plate finish where required,

    • Staircases: These are designed to be in the most efficient place possible and will comply with building control regulations with regards to nosings, treads, landings, risers and going.

    • Handrails and edge protection: Steel handrails and kicker plate is provided on all Quickline mezzanine floors where required and will comply with the building control regulations. Other solutions are available, such as stainless steel with glass as you often find in office settings.

    • Pallet gates: As is often required, if the mezzanine is to be used for storage, being able to avoid having to transport product upstairs can save a lot of health and safety risks. We can provide pallet gates at various specifications and can also accommodate bespoke designs required for odd sized pallets.

    • Fire protection: As is often required, Quickline can provide fire rating to a mezzanine structure where required by building control regulations, we can also assist with sprinkler systems if one is already on site this is often the most cost effective method of protecting the mezzanine, if however this isn’t the case, then we would fire rated columns, bulkhead, fire rated ceiling and can also get involved with the lighting and fire alarms systems when required.

If you have any enquiries or feel you would benefit from a site visit to discuss your options then please don’t hesitate to give Quickline a call on 0113 880 0866.