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Quickline works in partnership with Apex who is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of shelving and pallet racking in the UK. Part of the Whittan Group since 2016, Apex products have 80 years of experience behind them.

  • Apex racking is an industry standard and is common throughout the UK.
  • Apex racking and shelving comes in a very wide range of configurations, suitable for any warehouse system.
  • Apex Linvar have been part of the Whittan Group since 2016, and Apex products have 80 years of experience behind them.

Apex Products

Apex shelving and pallet racking have a huge flexibility of use and can be found in retail, manufacturing, transport, property, construction, local and national government, and professional services. 

The warehouse shelving range contains four systems that offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to your storage requirements. They are:

  • Stormor – for light to medium use with interchangeable frame types, shelves, and accessories
  • Euro – for all hand-loaded medium to heavy-duty storage applications. With its range of frames and shelves it allows flexible bay construction
  • Longspan for hand-loaded storage of heavy, large or awkward items and where product holding changes regularly. 
  • Stockrax – for medium to heavy-duty use. The product is a simple, tap together, general purpose shelving system that offers unrestricted access from all sides and can be assembled quickly and easily using only a rubber mallet. 


The Apex range of pallet racking products is equally effective and enables you to operate your warehousing system at an optimum level of efficiency.

All the products are exceptionally durable and make excellent use of the vertical and horizontal space you have available, providing good access for placing and retrieving stock. They include:

  • Push back pallet racking  – the dynamic push back racking is among the most efficient high density storage systems available, achieving high levels of cubic capacity.
  • Rack Supported Structure – a tiered storage structure that is designed to meet the key goals of increasing picking efficiency and maximising storage capacity
  • Narrow aisle pallet racking (also known as very narrow aisle racking ) – slims down the width of aisles between lanes and offers a solution for highly dense areas at heights of up to 18 metres
  • Wide aisle pallet racking – ideal for industrial and warehouse applications in a range of sectors including food and drink, manufacturing and production environments
  • Adjustable Pallet Racking – the most frequently used system for pallet storage as it can be easily set up for most warehouse locations.
  • Carton live storage – used for stock which needs to be hand-picked and loaded
  • Crane Racking – offers high bay storage for automated warehouses, efficiently using the existing height and space
  • Double deep pallet racking  – ideal for industrial, distribution or food and drink sector applications, using adjustable steel frames and beams to store pallets two deep 
  • Drive-in pallet racking – used for storing goods in bulk in high density storage facilities 
  • Mobile pallet racking – adjustable pallet racking structures that are on electrically powered bases.
  • Pallet live racking – boosts storage capacity, by using a ‘first-in’ ‘first-out’ system for operations where stock date is important.
  • Radio Shuttle – refunctions drive-in pallet racking into an automated system by storing items using a shuttle that travels on support rails
  • Accessories – The range includes pick bins, lockers, cupboards and workbenches

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If you want to arrange a consultation or just talk to us about your warehousing operations and business requirements, then contact us on 0113 880 866.

Our services

Apex Linvar have a huge range of products. If you unsure which is best for your business, we can help. we can design, supply and install the right shelving and pallet racking system to do the right job for you, optimising your storage operations in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Quickline offers a complete solution for the design and layout, installation, and ongoing maintenance of Apex Linvar storage systems within your warehouse. We can offer warehouse and storage consultancy, warehouse design, and racking inspections, acting as a long term partner for your business.

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