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The MULTI-DEPTH AS/RS  solution

automated PAllet shuttle systems

The automated pallet shuttle storage system provides exceptional space utilization and high storage density by using shuttles to autonomously store and pick unit loads.

how does it work?

The automated pallet shuttle system optimizes available space by providing high density storage and handling of a large number of pallets in multi depth shelving locations. The shuttle accesses them on rails within storage lanes, loading and unloading within their designated storage area before returning to a home station, ready to retrieve the next load.


Automated Pallet shuttle system

Features & benefits

  • logo-mini Goods to person, optimising space and operator efficiency
  • logo-mini Control of storage and flows
  • logo-mini Versatile management of goods
  • logo-mini Reduction of operator risks
  • logo-mini Improved management of stock
  • logo-mini Elimination of errors
  • logo-mini Handles pallets up to 1,500 kg
  • logo-mini Connects to corporate ERP systems

Our automated pallet shuttle systems can carry a payload of 1,500 kg per pallet, whilst covering every range of working environments, including ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures.

The system can handle  a variety of standard pallets, whilst being able to operate in offline manual mode or connected to the corporate ERP system, via the Ferretto Groups EJLOG management system.

If you would like to know more about the Automated Pallet Shuttle Storage System, then please contact Quickline today.