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The Self  supporting  storage solution

clad-rack warehouse

What is it?

Clad-Rack is a warehouse  created by using the racking as the building structure, which not only supports the load of the inventory, but also that of the building envelope – such as wind and snow loads. 


Features & benefits

  • logo-mini Optimization of the investment by means of a single building created by the racking
  • logo-mini Absolute integration between shelving and automation
  • logo-mini Construction possible in areas adjacent to existing buildings
  • logo-mini Stacker cranes and automation is designed and manufactured to be integrated into the overall solution
  • logo-mini Racking designed and manufactured to be integrated into the building
  • logo-mini Building dimensions are calculated by earthquake risk and weather conditions
  • logo-mini Maximum height 40 metres
  • logo-mini Connects to corporate ERP system

The racking is assembled first, with the building envelope then built around it. The shelving, and automated handling system, is constructed in such a way to support the walls and roof, thus becoming a real building.

Quickline will project manage the entire process, from design and assembly to the final testing. Our turnkey service can provide, if necessary, civil engineering work, such as the foundations on which the storage system will be installed.

If you would like to know more about the Clad-Rack Storage Solution, then please contact Quickline today.