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The MINILOAD storage solution


The miniload system provides high picking and storing performance for any warehouse, optimising space and speed.

What Is It?

The miniload automatic storage system stores light goods in containers, such as cartons, plastic boxes or trays and retrieves them using stacker cranes.

Miniload as/rs

Features & benefits

Designed for the storage of small parts, goods are retrieved using stacker cranes which deliver the items to the operator, thus optimising efficiency.

Thanks to the accuracy, reliability and speed of the stacker crane, miniload systems offer high service speed to reduce picking-storage times on high turnover inventory.

The Miniload automatic storage systems are managed through WMS software designed and produced by the Ferretto Group, which can be fully integrated with your operating system.

If you would like to know more about the Miniload Automation Solution, then please contact Quickline today.

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