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Vertimag Vertical Lift Module

The Vertimag Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a state-of-the-art vertical storage system that enables warehousing and logistics businesses to improve their operational performance. The VLM enhances the automation of your warehousing process, making the most of your vertical storage space and reducing the footprint of your existing storage system. It boasts built-in flexibility, enabling you to install a system that can work perfectly with the format, size and weight of the goods that you handle.

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  • Vertical storage systems improve storage space utilisation in warehouses.
  • Fully automated to increase pick speed and reduce manual handling errors.
  • Can be customised through multiple configurations for the perfect setup to match your needs

Vertimag Vertical Lift Module Details

Your operations will see and feel the benefits immediately of investing in the Vertimag VLM, manufactured by the logistics experts at Ferretto Group. 

The system is ergonomic, has low energy usage and low noise levels and, thanks to the smart management software, improved accuracy when it comes to storage and picking. 

We think the statistics are impressive. 

Vertimag VLM has the ability to load up to 990 kilos of goods on a single tray, increasing the maximum capacity up to 70,000 kilos.  

The vertical lift module offers three depth levels and five different widths, meaning you can deploy up to 15 configurations in your warehouse. It also has six picking bay options with four different tray capacities.  

An impressive array of accessories is available for the VLM to support improved efficiency and accuracy levels – from laser pointers and alphanumeric LED bars to label printers and counting scales. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

Vertimag Vertical Lift Module Benefits

Cost effective

The Vertimag VLM is a cost-effective investment that will help you improve on operations making your warehousing and storage activity ergonomic, efficient, safe and clean. 

Reduce storage footprint 

The amount of floor space occupied by your existing storage system can be cut by a staggering 90 per cent. Vertical Lift Modules are the key piece of equipment within vertical warehouses, which take advantage of a building’s vertical headroom to store products.  

Strong operational regime

The sophisticated VLM management software will alert operators when module inspection and maintenance is due. You will never lose productivity due to unexpected downtime. 

Reinforce safety culture

The number of staff in the warehouse area is reduced and lifting methods for putting goods into storage and for picking, that can give rise to accidents, are no longer in use.  

Restrict damage

The possibility of damage and destruction of the goods you are storing in your warehouse is also reduced. Automated stock retrieval reduces the chance of handling errors and damage from workers and handling equipment. 

Property benefits

Investing massive sums in new bricks and mortar could be unnecessary as a Vertical Lift Module will help you to get the best out of the facilities that you already have. 

If you would like to find out more about Vertimag Vertical Lift Module, then just get in touch, we will be pleased to hear from you.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

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