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The Lean lift storage solution

Vertimag Veritcal Lift Module System

The Vertimag VLM offers unrivalled warehouse storage efficiency, facilitated by an ergonomic, automated and space saving design.

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What's the Difference?

Unlike traditional warehouse storage solutions, the Vertimag VLM system maximises storage capacity and processing times, whilst enabling accurate stock control, picking and tracking.

Vertical Lift Module

Features & benefits

  • logo-mini Low energy consumption
  • logo-mini Maximum safety for demanding environments
  • logo-mini Most efficient warehouse storage solution
  • logo-mini Enables management of any size, weight or format of goods
  • logo-mini Various picking bay options to align with your needs
  • logo-mini 15 possible lift configurations to align with your requirements
  • logo-mini Faster than a double bay solution
  • logo-mini Customisable tray compartments for mixed goods
  • logo-mini 990kg capacity per tray
  • logo-mini 12” touch screen interface, compatible with working gloves
  • logo-mini Connects to corporate ERP systems

The units are available in 3 depths and 5 widths, offering a total of 15 configurations, ensuring a solution no matter what the storage and product requirements.

The system features a 12” touch screen interface which can be used with standard working gloves. The Vertimag lift also connects to corporate ERP systems, with the ability to read bar, QR and badge codes, for total product traceability and managed access.

If you would like to know more about the Vertimag Lean Lift Storage Solution, then please contact Quickline today.