Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is a durable, versatile storage solution designed for medium to heavy loads. Characterised by its wide spans and adjustable shelves, it accommodates large, bulky items or a higher volume of smaller goods. Ideal for warehouses, retail and industrial settings, it maximises space while ensuring easy accessibility and organisation.

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What is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving systems are highly adaptable, featuring an extensive variety of frame and beam dimensions that enable the creation of tailored solutions specific to each customer’s requirements. The defining feature of these systems is their ability to provide long, unobstructed shelving spans. This characteristic makes them exceptionally suitable for environments where large, continuous areas of shelving are necessary. Such expansive shelving facilitates the storage and easy access of a wide range of items, from bulky, irregularly shaped goods to numerous smaller items, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and functionality of the storage space. Whether it’s for a warehouse requiring extensive, accessible storage or a retail space needing versatile display options, longspan shelving systems offer a robust and flexible solution that can be meticulously crafted to meet the diverse and evolving storage needs of various business sectors.

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Benefits of Longspan Shelving

Store Small and Irregular Quantities: Longspan shelving is particularly effective for storing products in small and varying quantities, which might have inconsistent turnover rates. This flexibility is essential for businesses that handle a wide range of products, each with different storage and access requirements. The shelving’s adaptability makes it an excellent choice for environments such as retail stores, parts warehouses and distribution centres, where stock variety and turnover can fluctuate significantly.

Modular and Customisable: Longspan shelving stands out for its modular design and a plethora of customisable options, catering to specific storage needs. Accessories like hanger beams offer versatility in hanging garments or tools, while options for shelving materials, such as metal or woodchip panels and mesh shelving, provide solutions for different weight capacities and ventilation requirements. The inclusion of sprinkler systems within the shelving design can be critical for fire safety, particularly in environments storing flammable materials. The integration of both medium and longspan bays in the same rack system is a significant feature, offering unparalleled flexibility in storage.

Simple to Install and Maintain: One of the key advantages of longspan shelving is its ease of installation and maintenance. Typically, the system is straightforward to set up, requiring minimal time and effort, which is a crucial factor in fast-paced business environments where downtime can be costly. The simplicity of its design means assembling and reconfiguring the shelving can be done quickly, providing flexibility to adapt to changing storage needs.

Customised Solutions

Specialising in a wide range of storage systems, we’ll be sure to recommend the right solution for your business.

Maximised Space Utilisation

Our team has the expertise to maximise your warehouse storage space with our tailored design solutions.

Safety and Compliance

Warehouse safety is paramount to Quickline – our solutions are fully compliant and we offer comprehensive inspection services.

Everything You Need to Know About Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving represents a pivotal solution in the world of storage and organisation, especially within commercial and industrial settings. Characterised by its robustness and versatility, longspan shelving bridges the gap between lighter-duty office shelving and the more industrial pallet racking systems. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of items – from medium-weight goods to larger, bulkier items – making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a flexible and efficient storage solution. Whether you’re managing a bustling warehouse, a retail store or a busy workshop, understanding the nuances of longspan shelving can significantly enhance your storage strategy, optimising space and streamlining operations. Quickline has the expertise to design and install the perfect longspan shelving solution for your business operation.

Main Shelving Structure

  • Beams: These are horizontal support bars that clip into the uprights of the frame. Beams can range in size from 950mm to 2700mm to suit loading up to around 1075kg per level. They are made from steel and formed to suit the design of the load.
  • Beam End Connector (BEC): These are the steel brackets welded on the end of the support section that physically clip into the upright. Generally, these are three prong connections.
  • Frames: Vertical support structure comprising uprights, bracing and base feet. Frames come in heights ranging from 2000mmH to 5000mmH and Depths from 400mmW to 1200mmW.
  • Uprights/Posts: Vertical components to make up the frames. They are usually bolted but sometimes welded to bracing to make up the frame. The uprights are cold rolled from steel coils and have a series of folds to increase the strength. There are many differing profiles of upright to suit the application and loading.
  • Bracing: Braces are the central steel components of a frame. They space out the uprights at a required distance and provide stability and strength for the frame. The braces are either horizontal (mainly used at the top and bottom) or diagonal.
  • Base Feet: These are components used to fasten the frame down to the floor and to spread the bay load.
  • Shims: To keep the racking level, these steel components are used under the base feet. They come in varying thicknesses to suit.
  • Locking Pin: Pin used to stop beams from being accidentally dislodged.

Shelving Accessories

  • Garment Hanging Rails: Rails that fit between two support brackets – these are available in various diameters.
  • Chipboard Decks: Chipboard decking to fit on, or in between, beam levels.
  • White Melamine Decks: White melamine decking to fit on or in between beam levels.
  • Steel Decks: Galvanised steel decks to fit across beam levels – there are various sizes available.
  • Chipboard Support Bars: Steel support bars mounted across the beams positioned under the chipboard or melamine decks. Supports are placed at 500mm intervals.
  • Shelf Dividers: Modular shelf dividers allow various product storage configurations.
  • Storage Boxes: Plastic storage boxes – various sizes and colours are available.
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