Short Span Shelving

Short span shelving is a popular storage system for businesses requiring a robust, diverse and hand-loaded solution. The system maximises your storage footprint, and you can also incorporate components such as dividers, door fronts, drawers and back and side cladding to improve the security and protection of your products.

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What is Short Span Shelving?

Short span shelving systems are ideal for small to medium-sized storage applications where space is limited, or where a large number of small items are being stored that are not suitable for palletised storage. Short span shelving consists of uprights and shelves that can be adjusted to suit products of different heights and weights. The shelves themselves are usually solid, but mesh or tubular shelving can also be constructed if you need to incorporate a sprinkler system for added stock and property protection.

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Benefits of Short Span Shelving

Store Small Items Without Losing Space: Short span shelving is a cost-effective way to store a high quantity of small items without wasting valuable space. Shelves can be set up in a dense, back-to-back configuration, allowing for maximum storage space utilisation.

Flexible To Your Needs: This shelving makes it simple to reconfigure your storage system. The height and width of the shelving can easily be adjusted, with minimal effort, to suit your needs. A short span storage system can also incorporate components such as dividers, door fronts, drawers and back and side cladding to improve organisation and security.

Does Not Require Specialist Equipment: Due to being a hand-loaded system, short span shelving does not require any specialist handling or offloading equipment. This is a very cost-effective setup for businesses that need to store small, non-palletised items.

Everything You Need to Know About Short Span Shelving

Characterised by its lightweight construction, typically from materials like steel, it’s less robust than industrial shelving but offers significant flexibility and adaptability. The shelves in this system are adjustable, allowing users to modify the height between them to accommodate various item sizes. This feature, along with its modular design, makes short span shelving an ideal choice for environments where storage needs are dynamic and may change over time.

Advantages of short span shelving

One of the main advantages of short span shelving is its space efficiency. It’s designed to maximise storage in limited areas, making it a popular choice for offices, retail environments and light industrial settings. The accessibility it offers is another key benefit, providing easy and direct access to hand-picked inventory. This type of shelving is also known for its ease of assembly and disassembly, which does not typically require specialised tools, making it a practical choice for many users. Additionally, it is generally more affordable than heavy-duty shelving options, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals with budget constraints.

Short Span Shelving Uses

Short span shelving is commonly used for office storage, such as for files, documents and office supplies. It’s also ideal for retail settings, where it can be used for both displaying and storing products and in light industrial areas for organizing parts and components. However, it’s important to note short span shelving is not designed for very heavy or bulky items. Its capacity is suited more for light- to medium-weight objects, and its size is more conducive to storing small- to medium-sized items, rather than large or oversized goods.

Despite these limitations, short span shelving remains a popular choice thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially in scenarios where space-saving and efficient organization are priorities.

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