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Here at Quickline we provide high-quality and bespoke storage solutions with a personal touch. We have partnered up with storage experts Interroll Group who offer a range of conveyor systems and flow storage systems, allowing you to operate your warehouse in an efficient and productive way.

  • Interroll are specialists in conveyor, roller, and flow systems.
  • One of the largest material handling companies in the world.
  • Interroll products are key components in the storage systems of the world's largest brands.

Interroll products

Interroll specialises in quality roller and conveyor systems that deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding of applications. Whether you require straight lines, curves, merges or transfers, Interroll’s wide range of modules can cover all material flow requirements.  


Conveyor systems can be a great way to provide maximum efficiency and productivity into your warehouse. The selection available at Interroll include: 

  • Roller Conveyors – This system arrives fully assembled and is easy to install and connect to other conveyors. Interroll offer three types of roller conveyors, these include: non-powered, 24 / 48 V DC and 400 V AC.
  • Belt Conveyors – Available at 24 / 48 V DC, this system arrives fully assembled and pre-wired with ZPA application. This system can hold more that 50kg however is not suitable for reverse operation. Within the 400 V AC collection, 4 drives are available. These include Head drive, Curve, Center Drive and Merge. All arrive fully assembled and are easy to install.
  • Vertical Conveyors – Both continuous and non-continuous systems are available. The former requires no power and simply relies on gravity to run. It is versatile and compatible with many different types of equipment. The adjustable stair-step design allows for increasing or decreasing the angle of decline to the desired pitch. The non-continuous conveyor is a column construction with lifting forks and a belt drive. 
  • Diverts – These are available at a 90° discharge and at 30°/45°/90°. Both selections can be controlled with MultiControl and can be used in deep-freeze areas. 
  • Light Conveyor Platforms – This system is available as a PLC solution or a Plug and play stand-alone Conveyor with an integrated safety system controller. Offering a fast delivery time, easy installation and a fast return of investment, all that is required of you is to mount the supports and plug it in.


Interroll also offer a range of flow storage solutions that are compact, flexible and easy to install. 

Their Flow Storage Module Pallet Roller is a versatile storage system that is based on gravity lanes with an incline of 4%. This means that no drives move the pallets; gravity does. This module is maintenance free and has a long service life.

Interroll also offer a Carton Flow Picking Solution, ideal for unit loads with flat and solid undersides. This system is particularly suitable for storage and order picking of cartons and totes of different sizes. Perfect for saving time and space, this system allows up to 19 extra products to be held.

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Here at Quickline we ensure that all of our team are fully educated and experienced when installing and inspecting systems supplied by Interroll to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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