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Here at Quickline we believe in offering bespoke, cost-effective warehouse storage solutions with a personal touch. We are delighted to partner up with racking and shelving experts Link51 as a key product supplier.

  • Link51 racking is an industry standard, trusted by businesses in every sector.
  • Link51 is a member of the Whittan Group family, who specialise in the manufacture of racking, shelving, and storage systems.
  • All Link51 products are officially recognised as being Made in Britain, across three sites in the UK.

Link51 warehouse storage products 

All of Link51’s products are durable, adaptable and make great use of available space, both vertical and horizontal. Their range of pallet racking systems include:

  • Push back pallet racking  – One of the most efficient high density storage systems available that can hold up to 16 pallets deep per level. 
  • Rack supported structure / racking pick tower – Tiered system designed to meet 3 key goals of increasing picking efficiency, maximising storage capacity and being cost-effective. It can also increase storage capacity by up to 300%.
  • Drive in pallet racking – Suited for storing goods in bulk whilst maximising floor space.
  • Pallet live storage – Highest rated system for numbers of pallets stored versus, floor space required and ideal for when stock date is important.
  • Very narrow aisle / narrow aisle pallet racking – Reduces width of aisles between lanes by up to half and has heights of up to 18m to offer a solution to highly dense areas.
  • Carton Live Storage – Flow racking system that reduces order picking times whilst minimising errors and providing excellent labour and space efficiency. It is ideal for stock that needs to be hand-picked. 
  • Double deep pallet racking – Ideal solution for industrial, distribution or food and drink sector applications. This product doubles the capacity at each location and offers a higher density of storage.
  • Wide aisle pallet racking – Simplest of racking shelving systems that allows direct access to every pallet. Ideal for changing needs due to the easily adjustable nature.
  • Adjustable pallet racking – Most widely used pallet storage system for its easy and quick set up.
  • Crane Racking – Maximises height and optimises space, volume and time resulting in a reduction of errors and a gain in productivity.
  • Mobile pallet racking – An adjustable pallet racking structure that is electronically controlled. It reduces the number of aisles while still allowing 100% direct access to all pallets.
  • Radio shuttle – Automated system that stores items using a travelling shuttle.
  • Accessories – A range including racking signs, sprinkler systems, shelf support and run spacers. 

The warehouse shelving range consists of four systems that offer solutions to storage requirements. These are:

  • Stormer – For light to medium duty with interchangeable frame types, shelves and accessories
  • Euro – For hand loaded medium to heavy duty storage applications with a range of frames and shelves allowing for flexible bay construction
  • Longspan shelving – For hand loaded storage of heavy, large or difficult items and for when product holding changes regularly 
  • Stockrax – For medium to heavy duty. A simple product offering unrestricted access from all sides that can be assembled quickly and easily.

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If you wish to arrange a consultation with our team or discuss your warehousing operations and requirements, then contact us on 0113 880 866. We would be happy to hear from you.

Our services

At Quickline, our expertise is in maximising warehouse storage space, increasing pick efficiency and improving warehouse safety. Our team have an extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience within the storage industry are fully trained to install and inspect all systems supplied by Link51.

We offer a complete end-to-end service, including warehouse design, warehouse and storage consultancy, and racking installation. When your new storage system is up and running, we can also ensure it stays safe and efficient with regular racking inspections from a SEMA-accredited inspector.

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