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Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors

Multi-tier mezzanines allow you to make full use of the vertical space in your warehouse. By installing a mezzanine across multiple floor levels, storage capacity can be significantly increased. A multi - level mezzanine is the perfect solution for generating extra space, whether that be in an office, warehouse, or commercial environment.

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  • Multi-tier mezzanine floors for large capacity space expansion
  • Use different mezzanine levels for different purposes, such as production machinery on the ground floor and storage space on the additional mezzanine levels
  • Fully bespoke service so your mezzanine is designed for your exact use case

Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors Details

A multi-tier mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure that creates additional space by creating additional floors within the building. Multi-tier mezzanines are frequently installed within warehouse environments as a cost-effective way to increase storage capacity, but they are also suitable for commercial, industrial, and retail buildings.

Quickline will work with you to develop a multi-tier mezzanine that meets your exact needs. Our mezzanine floors are functional and cost-effective. They increase productivity and storage space, whilst  generating an increased ROI on your building costs and expenses.

Our mezzanine design team will take the time to fully understand what you need to achieve with your new installation. We will make sure each additional level within the mezzanine is suited to your exact needs and is fully accessible for stock, staff, and equipment.

All mezzanine solutions are available with a short lead and installation time, allowing for minimal business disruption. Quickline will also handle all aspects of health and safety and building regulations compliance, providing a full turnkey mezzanine service.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors Benefits

Multi-purpose, flexible spaces

Multi-level mezzanine floors provide a flexible way for you to maximise your floor space. Separate floors can be used for different purposes, such as production and storage. The additional space can also be used for the segmentation and better organisation of stock across multiple floors.

Substantial load bearing capabilities

The multi-tier mezzanine structure can support substantial loads. All of your stock and equipment can safely and efficiently be stored on each level without any issues.

Integrated pallet racking and storage

Each floor of the mezzanine can be utilised as part of a multi-level storage system. Pallet gates can be installed to safely enable the storage and movement of palletised loads by forklift trucks. Pallet racking and shelving can also be installed and customised on each level.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

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