Office Mezzanine floors

Office mezzanine floors offer a flexible way to increase your office space, maximising the amount of usable space you have access to.

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What are Office Mezzanine Floors?


Installing an office mezzanine floor in an existing building is a great way to gain additional office space for your team. They are frequently used as a way to create office space within a warehouse, but they can also be installed in any building that has the required vertical space. Office mezzanines are ideal for fast-growing businesses that want to remain on their current premises or who wish to spare the expense of expanding their building. In many cases, it’s possible to significantly increase the capacity and usable floor space of a building by installing additional floors.


  • Minimal Disruption on Installation: When it’s time to build your new office, we can work around your current business activity and production schedules, allowing you to keep trading with minimal disruption and preventing any loss in revenue due to unplanned downtime.
  • Highly Adaptable: With a fast-growing business, the last thing you need is to be worrying about whether your office and warehouse spaces are big enough. Our mezzanine floors are adaptable and modular making them easy to change and customise as your business grows.
  • Multipurpose: Mezzanine offices make it possible to retain full use of your ground floor, enabling you to transform your warehouse into a multifunctional space. Stock, machinery or equipment can remain on the ground floor, and the mezzanine level overhead can be used as an office area.

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Office Mezzanine Floors

Office Mezzanine Floor Details

Installing an office mezzanine floor into an existing building is a great way to gain additional space for your team. They are most often used to create office space within a warehouse but they can be installed in any building that has the necessary vertical space. Office mezzanines are ideal for fast-growing businesses that want to remain at their current premises and not have to spend money on a costly expansion. In many cases, it’s possible to significantly increase the capacity and usable floor space of a building by installing additional mezzanine floors. Quickline will work with you to design the perfect layout and structure for your new mezzanine floor. We will consider the mezzanine’s purpose as well as the layout and function of your existing warehouse or workspace. All our office mezzanine floor installations are based on custom designs, which means you have full control over the layout of your building and mezzanine. With access to a full range of ancillaries, we can fit out the office mezzanine to suit your needs, including creating partitioned rooms and adding walkways, access points, and stairs. If you have specific needs for your space, such as the inclusion of a meeting room or kitchen, we can design and install your mezzanine with this in mind. We will also handle all administration and compliance with health and safety regulations, building regulations, and planning permission, where required.

Office Mezzanine Floor Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of an office mezzanine floor can vary based on factors such as local building codes and structural considerations. However, here are some common technical specifications that are typically associated with them such as:

  • Load Capacity: The load capacity of a mezzanine floor includes both the dead load (the weight of the structure itself) and the live load (the weight of people, inventory, and fixtures). The load capacity must comply with local building codes and be engineered to support the intended use.
  • Flooring Material: The choice of flooring material will depend on the intended use of the mezzanine. Typical options include plywood, steel grating, or concrete. The flooring material should provide durability and slip resistance and meet safety requirements.
  • Guardrails and Handrails: Safety features such as guardrails and handrails are essential for protecting employees and customers. These should meet specific height and strength requirements according to local safety regulations.
  • Fire Safety: Compliance with fire safety regulations is mandatory. This may include fire-resistant materials, sprinkler systems and emergency exits.
  • HVAC and Ventilation: Office mezzanines will typically require a controlled climate to ensure employees have comfortable working conditions, therefore HVAC systems and ventilation may need to be incorporated.

Office Mezzanine Accessories

Accessories for office mezzanines can enhance functionality, safety, and aesthetics while optimising the use of your warehouse footprint. These include the following:

  • Staircases and Access Ramps: Staircases and access ramps provide easy and safe entry and exit points for employees. They can be designed to fit the style of your office environment.
  • Lifts: In some cases, it may be beneficial to have a lift to enhance disabled access and help with the transportation of products between the ground floor and the mezzanine.
  • Flooring Options: Depending on the intended use, you may want to select specific flooring materials. Options include anti-slip coatings, carpeting or decorative floor tiles to match your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Partitions or Dividers: These can be installed with the office mezzanine to create private office spaces, meeting rooms or collaborative work areas, offering privacy and sound separation if required.
  • HVAC Systems: Ensure proper ventilation and temperature control on the office mezzanine to create a comfortable working environment.

Office Mezzanine Floor Benefits

Office mezzanine floors offer a range of benefits, making them a valuable addition to modern workplaces in the following ways:

Space Optimisation: An office mezzanine floor allows you to make the most of your existing vertical space, effectively doubling your usable floor area without the need for costly building expansions or relocations.

Cost-Effective Expansion: Compared to constructing a new building or leasing additional office space, mezzanines offer a more cost-efficient solution for accommodating growth.

Adaptability: Office mezzanines are highly adaptable and customisable to changing business needs. As your company evolves, you can easily reconfigure or expand to accommodate new departments, teams, or functional areas.

Enhanced Productivity: Well-designed office mezzanines can improve workflow efficiency by organising different departments or teams on separate levels, which reduces distractions and promotes focused work, leading to increased productivity.

Customisation: Mezzanines can be customised to match your company’s branding and design preferences. This allows you to create a unique and visually appealing office environment that aligns with your corporate identity.

Avoiding Relocation: By adding an office mezzanine, you can avoid the hassle and costs associated with relocating your business to a larger facility, enabling you to stay in your current strategic location while meeting your spatial requirements.

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