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Here at Quickline we carefully choose our suppliers to ensure we provide the best quality storage solutions for the best price. We are delighted to have partnered up with storage experts NEDCON. NEDCON are equipped with over 50 years of knowledge and experience. Their ability to create high-quality products and intelligent, creative and innovative solutions has made them a global leader in storage systems.

  • Extensive range of racking systems available
  • High quality storage products, with all manufacturing and quality testing carried out in-house by NEDCON
  • Global leader in precision-engineered racking and storage systems

NEDCON Storage Products 

All products offered by NEDCON are designed, tested and manufactured in-house to ensure you receive the safest, sturdiest and best system you can. Their extensive range of racking systems means they can cater for all of your warehousing needs. The following systems are part of their smart range which aims to offer reasonably priced systems that can be ready to ship within 72 hours. The range includes:

Pallet Racks 

NEDCON pallet racking systems are ideal for both manual and automated warehouses. The flexible and modular structure means that you can easily extend or combine with other storage systems such as mezzanine floors, flow racks, or shelving systems

At NEDCON, systems can be precisely made and customised to maximise storage capacity, safety and durability.

Like all other NEDCON racking systems, this structure is future-proof with high residual value meaning constant maintenance is a thing of the past.

Drive-In Pallet Racks 

Compact warehouse setups, such as drive in racking, are ideal for the storage of large quantities of identical pallet goods. Working with a first-in first-out (FIFO) stock rotation system, this structure is ideal for saving space, time and energy.

Drive-In racking systems excel in carrying capacity and succeed in collision resistance due to the compact and flexible storage design. 

NEDCON use extra high-quality steel to ensure durability and strength. This material allows structures to exceed up to 12 metres in height. 

Flow Racks 

Ideal for picking small packages with high turnover, this system provides uninterrupted order picking as the next product rolls to the front by itself. Rather than relying on gravity, NEDCON have developed unique rollers that are extra wide and easy to assemble. The rollers are placed in a stronger profile meaning fewer roller tracks are required.

To reduce workplace accidents, this system is equipped with finger protection and other safety features.

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If you want to arrange a consultation or just talk to us about your warehousing operations and business requirements and how Marigen’s storage products can help you to deliver for your clients, then simply contact us on 0113 880 0866.

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At Quickline, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, affordable racking systems. NEDCON’s unrivalled commitment and innovative strength makes them a great partner. All of our experts are fully trained to inspect and install NEDCON systems.

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