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Automated Racking

Cantilever racking storage system

Automated racking systems are where racking, software and operating equipment all chime together to create a fully automatic pallet storage solution. This allows for faster pick times, reduced human error, and tighter storage densities, all of which would be difficult to achieve with a standard racking system.

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  • Removes human error by automating stock retrieval.
  • Stock can be stacked higher than a typical racking setup, due to not needing to be accessible for staff or handling equipment.
  • A key component of moving to a fully automated warehouse, which can improve performance, save time, and increase margins.

Automated Racking Details 

Automated racking typically runs as a fully automated system, but there is scope to use both an automated and a manual system in harmony together. This is perfect for those businesses looking to compartmentalise their warehouses based on stock and staff requirements.  

In contrast with other storage and racking, automated racking systems mean there is little margin for human-error; the system is automated and requires just one person to input instructions and directions. Due to the automatic retrieval of stock, it is also possible for automated racking systems to be configured to stack much higher than what is possible when using manual system and handling equipment. 

So not only is it safer to manage, stack and access stock items with an automated racking system, it also makes for a much more efficient and speedier way to manage a warehouse, saving you money and time in the process.  

We understand that a move to an automated warehouse can appear daunting; with our technical knowledge and warehouse design experience, we will save you time and money and allow your business to continue to grow and build its stock numbers as required. 

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Automated Racking Benefits

Safer warehouse environment

Due to the automated set-up, the warehouse can work more efficiently and effectively and with less risk. This allows for more peace of mind and less health and safety-related issues in the workplace. 

Constant stock availability

Automated racking allows you to access any number of stock items all the time with the ability to constantly replenish after removal of a stock item; ingenious we know! 

Bigger floor space and storage volume

Whilst the automated system handles the same amount of stock, it requires much less space than normal racking due to requiring less aisle space between racks. 

Shorter throughput times

In automated systems, picking rates are higher, as is turnover of stock. Order capacity can therefore increase too.

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