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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking storage system

Cantilever Racking Storage System

Cantilever racking storage systems are an ideal solution for storing loads which are an irregular shape or too long to be stored on standard pallet racking. Cantilever racking consists of beams attached to a single upright, which allows full visibility and access to the stored load.

Quickline can also provide mobile cantilever racking to increase your storage capacity whilst utilising the available footprint, thus allowing growth potential and future proofing the warehouse.

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  • Ideal for optimising warehouse height
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Best suited for heavy loads and bulky items

Cantilever racks offer flexible storage for loads that are long, heavy or obscure in shape, such as
pipes, aluminium / steel lengths, and timber. Goods can be stored individually or on pallets and can
be accessed using a standard forklift truck.

Quickline can design a bespoke single sided solution to offer a reduction in floor space, or a double-
sided option to maximise the storage capacity. Both options are available in a variety of heights to

suit all warehouses and are designed to suit varying load weights. Standard layouts provide visibility
and unrestricted access to all goods.

Heavy duty cantilever racking is available for very heavy loads.

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Cantilever Racking Benefits

Simple way to store long or irregular shaped goods

The design of cantilever racks makes it possible to store long goods that would be inefficient, or
even impossible, to store within regular racking or shelving.

Unrestricted visibility and access to stored items

All goods within a cantilever shelving system can be accessed and unloaded with standard forklift
trucks. Due to the way cantilever systems are designed, it is possible to see all the stock on a shelf
at any moment in time.

A versatile and flexible choice

Cantilever racking systems can customised to suit each use case, and can also be expanded or
rearranged when necessary. Cantilever racking is also great for utilising vertical warehouse space,
with the only limit being on roof height and how high handling equipment can reach.

Heavy duty storage options available

For extremely heavy loads, specialist heavy duty racks are used to grant superior load bearing
properties without sacrificing the accessibility of stored items.

Accessible for forklifts and cranes

All stored items can easily be accessed by forklifts and cranes.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor storage areas

Cantilever racking can be installed inside warehouses or in outdoor storage areas without any
impact on security or safety.

Fast assembly

Due to its simple design, a cantilever racking system can often be designed and installed in a short
space of time.

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