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Cold Storage Racking : Quickline Limited
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Cold Storage Racking

Cantilever racking storage system

Cold storage racking offers effective and efficient storage of goods for a variety of sectors such as FMCG, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. It is the ideal solution for goods which require a cold ambient temperature to maintain their optimum condition and performance.

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  • Racking that is designed to work within cold storage facilities without impacting performance.
  • Simple to optimise space within any cold storage warehouse.
  • Possible to make use of different racking configurations, such as mobile racking and narrow aisle racking.

Cold Storage Racking Details 

Cold and freezing storage typically requires a compact racking system. This enables cost savings on cubic metre of storage and makes your entire procedure much more energy efficient, due to reducing the size of the areas that needs to be temperature controlled. 

Cold storage racking will maintain its operation standards throughout its lifetime. The racking system will allow for items to be stored efficiently alongside other items which share the same temperature requirements, allowing stock to be grouped together by type or ambient temperature requirements. 

This level tightly regulated storage is critical for storing perishables such as medicine and food products. 

Pallet racking structures that are optimised for use in cold stores allow precision, in turn enabling the optimum condition of your goods, so as not to sacrifice product quality. This is achieved without impacting functionality or accessibility for your staff. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

Cold Storage Racking Benefits

No sacrifice on the quality and efficacy of your goods

Cold / temperature-controlled storage racking infrastructures have been created specifically for the storage of goods which require a regular temperature. This ensures you can maintain the condition of your stock. 

Speedier access to your stock

Access your stock more quickly with high-density racking systems which are suitable for use in temperature controlled environments. 

Trusted solution enabling peace of mind

Quickline have years of experience offering warehouse storage and pallet racking to a wide variety of industries. We specialise in working with businesses that are in need of temperature-controlled storage systems, promoting a seamless process from start to finish. 

Efficient use of space

We can design a cold store storage system to fit compactly within any space, so no matter your warehouse size, you can be assured that we will make the best use of the space available. This allows speedier goods handling, saving you time and money. 

This helps your business to run both effectively and efficiently making for further success and profit. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0113 880 0866 or by email.

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