Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double deep pallet racking is a system of storage for two pallets, one behind the other, accessed by special fork attachments and providing a simple and safe way to double the storage capacity.

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Double Pallet Racking

What Is Double Deep Pallet Racking?

Double deep racking is a type of storage system used in warehouses to store pallets of goods with two rows of pallets set back to back. This allows for the storage of pallets two deep, effectively doubling the storage capacity in the same floor space. It is particularly suitable for warehouses with volumes of identical products or that operate a Last In, First Out (LIFO) process.


  • Greater storage capacity – as it reduces the number of aisles needed and maximises vertical storage space.
  • Inventory management – it’s ideal for storing large quantities of similar items especially if they aren’t needed immediately and have a lower turnover.
  • Cost effective – maximises space which is ideal for warehouses where space is at a premium.
  • Adaptability – it can be adapted to different sized pallets and weights making it very versatile for various storage needs.
  • Simple structure – easy to install and work with, it’s simply two rows of pallet racking set back to back and is accessed by a special telescopic fork attachments.
Factory Direct Flooring racking solutions for their warehouse

Double deep racking is a hybrid storage system that combines components of a compact storage system and adjustable pallet racking system, significantly enhancing space utilisation in warehouses. The pallets are stored two rows deep, effectively doubling storage capacity in the same footprint as standard pallet racking. As the pallets are stored back to back in two rows they require a specialised forklift with telescopic forks for placing and retrieving pallets from the second row. While this arrangement significantly increases storage density, it limits direct access to only the front row of pallets. The rear pallets can be accessed only after removing the front ones, which makes it a suitable storage solution for products with a lower turnover or identical items that are stored in bulk. Double deep pallet racking systems suit a Last In, First Out (LIFO) inventory management principle and this works for companies where immediate access to all items isn’t crucial.

Some of the most common specifications and considerations are:

  • Dimensions – As standard pallets are approximately 1200mm deep, most double deep racks are around 2450mm  deep to accommodate two pallets back to back.
  • Heights – The height of the racks will depend on the ceiling height of the warehouse and the reach capacity of the forklifts, meaning some double deep racks can be up to 12cm.
  • Load capacity – Each level of racking has specific weight capacities depending on the materials and design of the rack, and the range can be between100kg and 3000kg.

There are a variety of accessories that double pallet racking can have to enhance functionality, safety and efficiency, such as:

  • Pallet Support Bars: These are placed between the beams to provide additional support for pallets, especially useful for pallets that are not strong enough to span the distance between beams.
  • Row Spacers: These connect back to back rows of racks for stability, maintaining uniform spacing and alignment.
  • Wire Mesh Decking: This is laid over the beams to create a solid shelf for storing items. It’s particularly useful for non-palletised goods or pallets that are smaller than the rack span. Mesh at the back of shelving can also prevent products from falling out of the back of pallets.
  • Load Stops: These are barriers attached to the back of the rack to prevent pallets from being pushed too far and falling off the back.
  • Guide Rails, Frame Guards or Rack Protectors: Installed along the floor, they help guide forklifts, preventing accidental damage to the racking system and minimising impact damage.
  • Safety Pins or Clips: These secure beams to the uprights, preventing them from dislodging during loading and unloading.
  • Labelling and Signage: Proper labels and signs for identification, weight capacity and safety instructions are crucial for efficient and safe operation.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Benefits

Simple Installation and Operation

As double deep racking is designed with modularity in mind, it allows for easy assembly and disassembly as they generally use a simple locking mechanism, meaning it’s easy to make the system scalable – expanding or reconfiguring as the company’s requirements change. The operation of double deep pallet racking systems, while requiring the use of specialised trucks  with telescopic forks , is generally straightforward. This simplicity of operation means staff training can be quick and efficient and focus primarily on the safe operation of the forklifts.

Enhanced Storage Solutions

By storing pallets two rows deep instead of one, the storage capacity of double deep racking hugely optimises the available space of a warehouse and the ability to utilise available space enhances the capacity vastly. Double deep pallet racking can also accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and weights, making a more compact and efficient warehouse layout and storage solution, and by reducing the number of aisles needed it becomes possible to fit more racking into the warehouse – adding to the efficient use of space.

Improved Safety

Double deep pallet racking needs fewer aisles, reducing the amount of forklift traffic moving goods around and thereby minimising the potential for accidents and collisions. The greater organisation they afford will mean less mishandling of goods and the specialised forklifts – specifically designed for use in tight spaces – needed for double deep racking.

A Cost-Effective Racking Configuration

Double deep pallet racking systems are a cost-effective solution as the density of storage and optimisation of available storage space can save on the need for physical expansion or a move to larger premises, and by optimising the available space the more compact storage set up reduces the required heating, cooling or lighting costs than operating from a larger facility. The smaller distances needed to travel by employees and forklifts also reduced fuel or electricity consumption and the simplicity of double deep racking’s construction leads to fewer breakdown or maintenance issues.

Effective Use of Warehouse Floor Space

The most significant advantage of double deep pallet racking is the density of storage, meaning more goods can be stored in the same amount of floor space. Double deep racking also uses vertical space effectively to maximise the available space and can remove the need for expansion or relocation. Warehouses can configure their double deep pallet racking systems for a flexible working environment, optimising the available floor space to the specific shape and size of the warehouse.

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