Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is a dense storage option that maximises the space available via its motorised base, allowing you to create access aisles between rows of pallets as needed.

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Mobile Pallet Racking Systems

What Are Mobile Pallet Racking Storage Systems?

Mobile pallet racking is a compact storage system utilised in warehouses and industrial facilities to maximise storage space. This is achieved by the use of mobile racks, also known as ‘carriages’, which can be moved along tracks using a motorised base, allowing you to open an aisle by pushing apart the racks only where access is required. Aisles tend to increase space requirements – therefore a mobile racking system can increase space savings by up to 40% by giving you the flexibility to move the aisle opening to wherever it is needed at any time.


  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • High Flexibility
  • Efficient Management
  • Ideal for Cold Storage Applications
  • Compatible With Any Type of Racking
  • Perfect for New-build Warehouses
Mobile pallet racking system diagram

The technical specifications of mobile pallet racking can vary depending on the manufacturer, the specific design, and the warehouse requirements. However, there are common features and specifications typically associated with these storage systems:

  • Load Capacity: Each shelf or level within a mobile pallet racking system can safely support pallet weight ranges between 500-3000kg, or possibly higher. This capacity will depend upon the design and materials used in the racking system.
  • Rack Dimensions: Your rack’s height, depth and width requirements will be dictated by the typical size of the pallets or items you wish to store and should accommodate these. Rack width and height can vary to fit different pallet sizes and ceiling heights if required.
  • Aisle Width: The aisle width can be customised to your specific requirements, which will be based on the type of handling equipment and operational requirements specific to your warehouse.
  • Power Supply: Mobile racking systems can either be electrically powered or manual using manual hand-crank mechanisms. To opt for an electrically powered racking system, you will need to ensure there is a reliable power source available.
  • Rack Material: High-grade steel is typically used for its robustness and longevity. If your mobile racking storage system will be installed in a location where corrosion is a possibility, it may be worth considering adding a powder coating or other protective treatments.
  • Mobility System: Mobile pallet racking systems typically move on tracks or rails installed on the warehouse floor. Depending on your warehouse’s features and dimensions, you may wish to consider which design would be most suited to your warehouse’s requirements, for example, certain models use guided rails, wheels, or chains.

These represent some of the technical elements to be taken into account when considering the installation of a mobile racking system. We will go over the technical specifications you will require in depth when designing your racking system, as your warehouse’s requirements will be unique.

A wide range of accessories are available to improve the usefulness, safety and efficiency of mobile pallet racking systems. The following are a few of the most commonly available:

  • Wire Mesh Decks: These cover rack beams to provide a stable and secure surface for storing non-palletised items and to prevent them from falling through the racks.
  • Pallet Support Bars: Support bars reinforce the beams, help better distribute the load and provide additional support for pallets in mobile racking systems.
  • Floor Sensors: Floor sensors or mats can be installed in the access aisles to detect the presence of personnel or obstacles, automatically halting rack movement to prevent accidents or damage.
  • Inventory Management Software: Some mobile racking systems can integrate with inventory management software systems to provide accurate tracking and location data to optimise order fulfilment management.
  • Safety Gates, Guardrails and Bumpers: Aisle safety gates, guardrails and bumpers can be added to mobile racking systems to provide safety during rack movement and prevent racks from colliding.
  • Safety Netting: Safety netting or backstops can be installed on rack shelves to prevent items from falling off racks.
  • Remote Control Systems: This accessory enables operators to use advanced remote control systems to move racks and create access aisles remotely without needing to be present.

Other accessories include emergency stop buttons, label holders and barcode scanners, load capacity labels and aisle lighting to ensure the mobile pallet racking system is safe and anyone with access to it knows the weight capacities of the racks as well as the location of specific inventory.

Mobile Pallet Racking System Benefits

Enhanced Warehouse Storage Efficiency

Mobile pallet racking systems optimise space utilisation in warehouses by reducing unnecessary aisle space, enabling you to choose where you wish to create an aisle among the racks, which glide along tracks installed on the ground with the help of an electronic or manually operated base. This easily guarantees swift and simple access to your products while maximising your warehouse’s physical footprint.

Perfect for High-Volume Storage

Mobile pallet racking systems are ideal for storing and accessing a high volume of goods while remaining space-efficient due to their ability to reduce the need for multiple aisles between racks. In addition to being completely customisable to your pallet sizes and requirements, it instantly ensures a higher storage capacity using the space you already have all while allowing you to swiftly access your stock with ease by creating the aisle where needed.

Accelerates the Fulfilment Process

Due to its flexibility, increased product accessibility, and optimised space utilisation, mobile pallet racking has the potential to accelerate your fulfilment process and expand as you do. By eliminating the need for excess aisles, mobile racking streamlines the picking process by allowing you to move racks closer to the operator’s location, reducing travelling distances within the warehouse.

Improved Safety

Mobile racking systems typically come equipped with various safety features such as sensors and safety locks which hold racks in place when they are not in use. These reduce accidents caused by human error during the handling and transportation process.

High-Density Storage Solutions

Due to its modular design concept, mobile racking systems represent the ideal high-density storage solution because they can be configured to your facility’s layout, further maximising your storage space utilisation without restricting access.

Easily Customisable

Mobile racking systems work with most rack types, giving you the flexibility to create a bespoke product that best suits your warehouse requirements from the design stage through to installation.

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