Pallet Live Racking

Pallet live racking is an effective and efficient storage system in which pallets are loaded on inclining gravity rollers that slope toward the pick face side of the rack, and once an item is picked, the pallets behind slide forward to fill the gap. This automated process eliminates the need for aisles or manual movement of pallets, reducing the chance of accidents and maximising warehouse space.

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Space-Saving and Highly Efficient

No Specialist Equipment Required

Improved Warehouse Safety

Live Pallet Racking Systems

What are Pallet Live Racking Storage Systems?

Pallet live racking systems are a type of ultra-dense storage system where minimal aisles are required between racks. Pallets are loaded on inclined gravity rollers which slope towards the pick face, and when one is removed from the pick side, the pallet stacked behind it moves to the front at a safe and controlled speed. This automates the storage and picking process with minimum conventional forklift truck movement required to handle the flow of goods, making live racking a useful option in a variety of industries and storage applications.


Pallet live racking storage systems offer several key advantages which make them the ideal choice for many warehouse and distribution centres. These advantages include:

  • Optimised Storage Space
  • Increased Efficiency and Safety
  • Enhanced Product Accessibility
  • Improved Inventory Management
Pallet Live Racking Diagram

The technical specifications of pallet live racking can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific design, as well as the requirements of your warehouse. Main live pallet racking structure features specifications that are common to these systems including:

  • Load Capacity: Lanes for live pallet racking can typically hold between 100-1500kg per pallet, but the load capacity can be as high as 4000kg depending on your application’s needs.
  • Rack Dimensions: Live pallet racking typically ranges between 5-12 meters in height, between 2-10 pallets in depth, and 1.3-1.5 meters wide for each lane. These dimensions can be customised based on your warehouse’s requirements.
  • Beams: These are steel horizontal support bars that clip into the uprights of the frame and can range in size to suit your loading requirements. They can be of an open design or a closed box section in heights of 38mm to 150mm and work to support the rollers or shuttle.
  • Pallet Size: Live racking is designed to be compatible with standard pallet sizes.

A range of accessories are available for pallet live racking systems to improve their efficiency, safety and effectiveness. These include the following:

  • Pallet Separators: These separate the first pallet in the lane from those that follow it, reducing pressure from the accumulation of pallets and making the front pallet easier and safer to remove.
  • Safety Netting or Mesh: This can be installed on the back or sides of racks to prevent items from falling and causing accidents.
  • Temperature Control Elements: Certain materials and designs are available to ensure the live racking system can withstand extreme temperatures in climate-controlled warehouse environments.
  • Load and Entry Guides and Brake Rollers: These ensure the pallets are positioned correctly when loaded onto the live pallet racking system so they align correctly with the rollers, and the brake rollers control the speed of pallets so they don’t move too quickly.
  • End Stops and Rack Protectors: End stops prevent pallets from falling off the rack at the pick face, and rack protectors protect the live pallet racking system from damage caused by forklifts or other warehouse machinery.

Pallet Live Racking System Benefits

Reduced Loading and Unloading Times

Pallet live racking systems use several key mechanisms to help reduce loading and unloading times, namely, the automated movement of pallets and reduction of aisles means the only loading and unloading required is limited to the back and front ends of the level.

The pallets then move down the sloped surface each time one is picked from the front end, ensuring continuous stock rotation. This also means that while one end is being loaded, the other end can be simultaneously unloaded, reducing any waiting times required to re-stock an empty rack. This reduces the overall travel time of forklifts, enabling them to be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Space-Saving and Efficient

Live pallet racking systems are space-saving and efficient because they not only remove the need for multiple aisles between racks, but they also automate the stock rotation process by use of inclined roller beds that slope towards the pick face, thereby maximising the space to allow for high-density storage and more accurate picking of stock, while simultaneously minimising forklift truck travel around the warehouse.

Pallet live racking systems typically use a FIFO system which is ideally suited to industries that handle perishable goods or items with shorter expiration dates as it eliminates any need for space to sort or move older inventory to the front.

No Specialist Equipment Required

Pallet live racking systems are designed in such a way that no specialist equipment is required for the unloading and loading of pallets. This is largely thanks to the gravity-fed nature of live racking systems, which eliminates the need for specialised machinery to help move pallets.

Pallets are simply loaded on one side and roll down the shelf when the front pallet is removed at the pick face and can be removed by forklift. Additionally, live pallet racking systems can be designed to adapt to the existing equipment in a warehouse, making this a flexible and cost-effective option.

Improved Safety

Due to its automated gravity-fed nature and need for very few aisles, pallet live racking systems are safer by default due to their immediate reduction of movement around the warehouse compared to traditional racking options.

Since live pallet racking systems only require that pallets be loaded at one end of the lane and then unloaded at the other end, this ensures pallet retrieval is safe and straightforward.

Increased Speed of Warehouse Operations

Live pallet racking systems guarantee speedier and more accurate picking in your warehouse due to their automated, gravity-fed system that reduces the amount of forklift travel required to the simple loading and unloading at each end of the shelf.

Once a pallet is removed at the pick face side, the one behind slides down on rollers to replace it, ensuring a consistent and controlled stock rotation, which is particularly important in industries that manage perishable goods or products with short expiration dates.

Greater Storage Capacity

Live pallet racking only requires two aisles, one behind the racks for loading pallets onto the shelves, and another at the front for the pick face. Since aisles take up the most space in a warehouse, the installation of a pallet live racking system immediately frees up to 70% of your warehouse’s footprint to have more racks and thereby increases your storage density.

Fewer aisles also allows you to have more racks packed closer together, and since the lanes operate on a gravity-fed roller system where once a pallet is removed from the front, the pallet behind rolls down to the pick face to replace it, this removes the need for extra forklift travel to collect pallets.

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