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Quickline believes in providing you with the best in warehousing systems and we are delighted to be teamed up with warehouse automation and mobile shelving specialists Scallog. 

  • Scallog design and install sophisticated robotic automation systems.
  • Scallog's systems are suitable for warehouses, fulfilment centres, and distribution centres.
  • Their cutting edge mobile robots will drive efficiency within your warehouse.

We partner with Scallog to offer two automated storage management systems that are particularly appropriate for the e-commerce, retail and industrial sectors.


The Flexypick system uses mobile robots that move and position themselves under loaded shelving and then lift and bring the shelving with the order items to the operator. Navigation is through optical sensors and adhesive floor strips.

With the system, you can create your own storage configuration depending on the size and shape of your storage facility and perform between 400-600 picks per hour with between 10-100 orders prepared simultaneously.

Shelving is standard and scalable with a total weight capacity for each unit of 530KG. Flexypick is widely used in cosmetics, textiles, footwear, pharmacy, electronics and spare parts businesses.




The Flexytote system uses the mobile robots to select empty tote boxes, bring them to the order buffer racks where they are filled by an operator and then dispatched to consolidation or packing areas.

The software management for Flexytote is simple and easy to install. The system is particularly appropriate for micro fulfilment centres and, as it is so adaptable, is ideal for fast-growing warehousing operations. 

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If you want to arrange a consultation or just talk to us about your warehousing operations and business requirements and how Scallog automated solutions could help you to deliver for your clients, then contact us on 0113 880 0866, we would be happy to hear from you.

The benefits of Scallog warehouse automation

Through our partnership with Scallog, we at Quickline can offer you in-depth expertise and knowledge that can provide you with these tailored storage solutions.

The benefits that come with the installation and use of Flexypick and Flexytote are wide-ranging and commercially significant for your warehousing operation. 

At an operational level, your warehousing is made more scalable and efficient with the elimination of unnecessary movements. 

Scallog says space efficiency of your present infrastructure could be improved by 30 per cent while data on inventory levels and for audits is retrieved swiftly and presented clearly.

The system has the potential to give the highest number of units picked per hour in your sector, with the cost per pick likely to be among the lowest in the market.

Installation takes place within 2-3 weeks and does not require any preliminary works. The systems come with guarantees and maintenance support. 

There are financial benefits too. The speed and accuracy of order fulfilment means fewer returns and refunds. 

Logistics management costs per item are likely to fall as a result of increased productivity.

And in the bigger picture, Scallog guarantee a return on your investment within a staggering two years.

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