Carpet and Flooring

At Quickline we provide various warehouse storage solutions for the carpet and flooring industries. For these industries, the most popular product is our specifically designed carpet racking.

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Carpet and Flooring Storage Solutions

In the search for carpet and flooring storage solutions, warehouses prioritise specific features tailored to the unique requirements of these materials. First and foremost, they need robust storage systems like heavy-duty racks or cantilever shelving, designed to accommodate the weight and length of carpet rolls and flooring materials. These systems should offer adjustability in terms of height and arm length to handle various sizes and quantities efficiently.

Our carpet and flooring solutions include:

  • Mobile/adjustable racking to maximise space
  • Carpet roll racks
  • Easy to access systems
  • Large format racking
  • Layout optimisation
  • Warehouse layout design

For the carpet and flooring sector, we recommend our carpet roll rack system. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in greater detail and how we can help you achieve what you’re looking for, get in touch today.

Racking Solutions for different industries

Carpet and Flooring Storage Details

Carpet and flooring storage is distinct in its requirements from many other products as it requires longer shelves that are robust enough to handle the size and weight of carpet and flooring products as well as the machinery required for the handling and movement of these items.  A critical aspect is this ease of access – the ability to quickly load and unload bulky items is essential, often necessitating forklift-compatible designs. Space optimisation is also a key factor, as carpet and flooring products can consume significant floor space. Implementing vertical storage solutions helps to maximise the available area. Additionally, the storage environment needs to protect these materials from damage, so factors like moisture control and protection from direct sunlight are considered. Finally, safety is paramount, with sturdy designs to prevent tipping or collapse, ensuring a secure working environment for warehouse staff. Quickline’s comprehensive approach to storage enables warehouses to manage carpet and flooring products effectively, combining functionality with safety and space efficiency.

Quickline’s Carpet Roll Racks

Quickline’s carpet roll rack system is a specialised storage solution, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of commercial and industrial warehouses that handle carpet rolls. This system is particularly crafted to accommodate the distinct dimensions and weight considerations associated with carpet storage. This design aspect is crucial for storing lengthy carpet rolls, ensuring that they can be stored without being folded or bent, which could potentially damage the carpet.


The shelving is engineered to be robust and capable of supporting the substantial weight that large rolls of carpet typically present. This strength is a key consideration, given that inadequate support could lead to sagging or even structural failure.


Accessibility and easy access to the carpet rolls are essential for efficient warehouse operations, allowing for quick loading and unloading – particularly important in commercial settings where time efficiency translates directly to cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Space saving

Quickline’s carpet roll rack system also considers space optimisation. In industrial and commercial warehouses where space is a valuable commodity, this system maximises the use of available floor space. By utilising vertical space, the system allows warehouses to store a greater quantity of carpet rolls in a smaller area, thereby optimising the overall storage capacity.


Safety is another critical element integrated into the design of Quickline’s system. The racks are built to ensure stability and reduce the risk of tipping or collapsing, which is vital in maintaining a safe work environment for warehouse personnel.

Quickline’s carpet roll rack system is a comprehensive solution for carpet storage, combining strength, accessibility, space efficiency and safety. Its design is fine-tuned to the specific demands of carpet roll storage, making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial warehouses seeking a reliable and effective way to manage their carpet or other flooring inventory.

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3 weeks ago

Quickline Ltd have delivered exceptional service in supplying and installing storage racking. From the initial contact, their team has been professional and…

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Mark Dunne

3 weeks ago

We have worked with Quickline for over 10 years, they are excellent at what they do. The price is competitive and they deliver what they promise.

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David Gutfreund

3 weeks ago

We’ve used Adam and his team on several projects. Most recently installing a 25,000 high bay racking system. Can’t fault them. Competitively priced and delivered on time.

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Ben Rawson

3 weeks ago

Adam and his team of experts have assisted in design and build for 3 of our Distribution Warehouses now. Each time providing an expert service in…

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