E-commerce businesses rely on efficient and effective storage and warehousing solutions, to deliver goods in full and on time. We understand inefficiencies lead to returns, replacements and refunds and so we recognise aspects such as short delivery times, simple processes and low error rates are vital.

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Eliminates the Need to Fold or Palletise

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Long-Term Space and Efficiency Saving

E-Commerce Storage Solutions

To maintain maximum efficiency, we provide a diverse range of easy-to-access e-commerce storage solutions that maximise space and enable logical product ordering. We also recognise e-commerce businesses are diverse and no two are the same, often not limited to a set range of small or large items, but combinations of the two. For this reason, our solutions comprise fully bespoke racking, with some having flexible capabilities, for adaptable e-commerce companies.

Our E-commerce solutions include:

  • Rotational systems: FIFO/LIFO/FILA
  • Versatile solutions for changing stock requirements
  • Cold/frozen storage compatible racking
  • Mobile/adjustable racking to maximise space
  • Conveyor systems
  • Large format racking
  • Layout optimisation services

For the E-commerce sector, we would recommend either wide aisle, drive-in, shuttle pallet or mobile pallet racking systems. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch.

Racking Solutions for different industries

E-Commerce Storage Details

In the E-Commerce sector, shelving and storage solutions are critical in managing a diverse and often rapidly changing inventory. The primary consideration is versatility as the shelving must accommodate products of various sizes and weights, from small electronic gadgets to larger household items. Adjustable and modular shelving systems are ideal, allowing for quick reconfiguration as product lines evolve. Efficient space utilisation is also crucial, as E-Commerce operations often require storing large quantities of stock in limited warehouse spaces. Easy accessibility and clear organisation are key to expediting the picking and packing process, and crucial for meeting the fast-paced demand of online consumers. Additionally, integrating technology for accurate inventory tracking and management is essential, as it ensures timely restocking and minimises errors in order fulfilment. Safety and durability of shelving are also important, considering the high volume of products handled daily.

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Wide aisle pallet racking systems offer unrestricted access to all pallets and are suitable for all types of storage needs, with no limit to size or shape making them a very popular option for a vast array of industries and sectors. Wide aisle racking is easily installed, cost effective and versatile minimising initial setup costs and it gives direct access to every stored pallet making the picking process easier.

Drive-In or Shuttle Pallet Racking

Drive in or shuttle pallet racking systems are ideal for storing large quantities of a certain type of product. They can allow racking heights up to 11 meters to make full use of the footprint and full height of a warehouse to be used. They can store high volumes economically and minimise the risk of product damage. Shuttle pallet racking can increase warehouse productivity by leaving staff free to take on other tasks and switch easily from FIFO to LIFO at the push of a button.Mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking saves up to 40% of space needed by wide aisle pallet racking as it eliminates most of the area needed for aisles. It can be operated manually, by remote control or by computer, and with locking features can also increase security.

Our Success Stories

Find below a snapshot of some of the work we have recently undertaken, if you would like to know more about them or perhaps you would like to visit the sites please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Vadmin Anhimov

3 weeks ago

Quickline Ltd have delivered exceptional service in supplying and installing storage racking. From the initial contact, their team has been professional and…

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Mark Dunne

3 weeks ago

We have worked with Quickline for over 10 years, they are excellent at what they do. The price is competitive and they deliver what they promise.

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David Gutfreund

3 weeks ago

We’ve used Adam and his team on several projects. Most recently installing a 25,000 high bay racking system. Can’t fault them. Competitively priced and delivered on time.

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Ben Rawson

3 weeks ago

Adam and his team of experts have assisted in design and build for 3 of our Distribution Warehouses now. Each time providing an expert service in…

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