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Stow Group

Quickline works in partnership with Stow Group - one of the leading storage solution providers in the UK. Their extensive range of products, including pallet racking systems and warehouse shelving, are in high demand in the warehousing sector. Their highly qualified team ensures the best experience with their main focus remaining on their customers' storage needs. We are excited to work with Stow to provide the best storage solutions available for all warehousing requirements.

  • Stow racking is trusted throughout the storage industry.
  • Wide range of racking and shelving solutions available.
  • Flexible storage products that can be configured to store any shape, size, or weight of goods.

Stow’s impressive range of racking systems are catered to both large and small goods. Their pallet Racking collection includes:

  • Conventional Pallet Racking – A modular system that can be easily adjusted to your needs
  • Mobile pallet racking – A popular mobile racking system that increases storage capacity up to 90%
  • Pallet Shuttle – A deep lane storage and retrieval system for optimised storage capacity
  • Drive in pallet racking – Ideal solution for storing large quantities of similar pallets to increase space utilisation
  • Pallet Live Storage – An efficient and ultra-dense system with fewer aisles to avoid unnecessary internal transport
  • High Bay Racking – System operated by cranes that allow for single deep, double deep or multi deep layers
  • Open Face Racking – A secure solution for large pallets and containers that maximises height utilisation
  • Clad Rack – A cost efficient system that fixes roof and wall cladding directly onto the rack structure removing the need for an extra building
  • Rack protection – Including corner, upright, frame and push through protectors
  • Accessories – Including row spacers, container support, pallet support bars and footplate and levelling plates.

For other storage needs a completely redesigned range of cantilever racking systems is available. This solution is ideal for storage of longer goods varying from 60 to 1000 kg per cantilever arm. 

Stow have recently redesigned their Mezza-stow system, a strong and cost-effective approach to mezzanine floors to increase your warehouse space. These features can be easily moved, expanded or modified with your changing warehouse needs. 

Alongside large racking systems, Stow offers solutions for smaller goods too. These include:

  • Industrial Shelving – Hand loaded for light to medium duty for up to 250 kg/shelf
  • Longspan Shelving – Medium to heavy loads and can be adjusted to suit you
  • Light shelving – Choice of free standing or archive shelving, both ideal for archiving files, folders or cartons
  • Carton Live Storage – A gravity-fed order picking system to increase efficiency while decreasing floor space needed
  • High Rise shelving – free standing installations with adjustable shelves or beams
  • Multi-Tier Racking – Part of their intelligent flooring system, ideal for utilising vertical space
  • Miniload single store – Mostly stores totes or cartons and can carry loads varying from 5 to 300 kg/unit
  • Miniload Multi store – A “beam” type automated storage and retrieval system, ideal for small goods in large quantities or different sizes.

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If you wish to arrange a consultation with our team or to discuss your warehousing operations, call Quickline on 0113 880 0866 or message us now.

Our services

Quickline are proud to supply and maintain Stow’s storage equipment. All of our team are fully educated and experienced when installing and inspecting systems supplied from Stow to ensure your safety and satisfaction. 

Quickline can offer an end-to-end service for Stow’s products, including warehouse and storage consultancy, warehouse design, equipment installation, and regular racking inspections from a SEMA-accredited inspector.

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