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Push Back Racking

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What is Push Back Racking?

According to data from 2019 75% of UK warehouse owners have run out of space and storage costs have gone up by a quarter as wholesalers and distributors prepare for Brexit according to a UKWA report from 2019.

There is an even greater shortage in space closer to major cities.

With space at an absolute premium, you need to make the most of the space you currently have and ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your current warehouse.


So how can push back racking help?

This example shows the difference between pallets stored in a standard reach truck application compared  to that of a push back racking system.

Push back racking can maximize storage space

The principle behind a push back system allows pallets to be stored up to four deep and be gravity fed to the picking face of the racking. The incline of the slope pushes the pallets towards the front of the rack where the forklift can unload from. When depositing a pallet, the forklift driver will simply push the other pallets back within the racking.

This system can massively increase storage space within an existing warehouse and may mean warehouse owners can remain in existing properties as opposed to looking for additional expensive warehouse space.


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