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Our Racking and Repairs Services Are Designed to Keep Your Warehouse Compliant

Quickline can offer SEMA warehouse racking inspections to help maintain a safe warehouse and ensure the ongoing compliance of your working environment for employees as well as ensuring the safe storage of goods and the maximising of storage space by keeping all of the racking in working order.

According to SEMA guidelines, warehouse inspections should be carried out annually by an external source, but in some warehouses where there is a large and quick turnover of products or where many vehicles are used on site, more frequent inspections may be required. Our SEMA-accredited professionals will then be on hand to provide parts and spares and carry out repairs to ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of your operations.

Warehouse Inspection Service

A warehouse inspection service, often coupled with repairs, is an essential process that ensures a warehouse’s infrastructure is safe, efficient and compliant with relevant regulations. A key focus is on the storage systems, such as pallet racking and shelving units, where inspectors assess for damage, deformation or instability, ensuring they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and can safely bear the loads. Following the inspection, any identified issues may necessitate repairs or replacements, ranging from minor fixes to significant structural repairs. Regular inspections and timely repairs are crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse, preventing costly downtime, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This service is particularly important for warehouses handling heavy loads, high turnover or complex storage systems.

Benefits of Inspections and Repairs

  • Maintenance and service contracts to suit specific requirements
  • Remedial works carried out quickly and with minimum disruption
  • Storage space is maximised
  • Safety of the warehouse is maintained

Inspection Guidelines

According to SEMA’s racking inspection guidelines, damage is colour-coded into three levels:

Red: Damage is very serious and requires that goods are removed immediately and the racking replaced. This racking MUST not be used until the damage has been rectified.

Amber: Damage is serious and exceeds the advised tolerances outlined by SEMA. Goods must be unloaded, but immediate action is not required. Once unloaded, racking must not be used until the damage is fixed – and it should be reclassified as Red if not rectified within four weeks.

Green: Damage is within SEMA guidelines and requires no future action beyond continuous monitoring. Any further damage can change the level and should be reported immediately.

Safety First

Serious damage can be caused by poor design, incorrect installation or overloading and damaged storage and racking can cause danger to your staff, equipment and products. Regular inspections and maintenance or repairs made promptly will ensure you, your warehouse and your employees stay safe and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Fully Accredited for Safety

We have strong opinions on safe workspaces, and we approach every job with that perspective. Our team are certified by Constructionline, SafeContractor, and CHAS and as every member of our team possesses a SEIRS card, you can be confident we will adhere to the highest levels of expertise – keeping your warehouse safe and fully compliant with safety regulations.

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Our Inspection Process


Booking Inspection

If we’ve installed or inspected your racking previously, we can provide a quote. Otherwise, you can provide a drawing or discuss your inspection needs for a quote and we then arrange a convenient time and date.



The inspection is a visual check of all parts – uprights, beams and bracing – noting any damaged or missing parts, bends, dents, twists and allocating each a SEMA colour rating. All damage will be detailed in the report, often with images.



Any red risks must be unloaded immediately and amber as soon as possible and these areas should be flagged before the inspection ends. Any amber risks not unloaded within four weeks of the inspection will be reclassified as red risk.


Post Inspection

A full report outlining the damage and any needed repair work will be submitted within two weeks along with a quote for the repairs required. We can then discuss booking a time for the repairs to be undertaken.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does storage and racking need to be inspected?

Regular inspection of storage and racking systems is crucial for maintaining workplace safety and efficiency. These inspections are essential for identifying any signs of damage, wear or misalignment in racking structures, which can compromise the safety and integrity of the storage system. By detecting issues early, potential accidents, product damage and costly downtime can be prevented. Inspections should assess load capacities, structural conditions and compliance with safety standards. Quickline Storage offers comprehensive inspection services that not only ensure the safety and integrity of your racking systems but also help in maintaining compliance with all health and safety regulations. Our professional team provides detailed assessments, identifying risks and recommending necessary repairs or adjustments, thus ensuring the longevity and reliability of your storage infrastructure.

Are racking inspections a legal requirement?

In the UK, racking inspections are a legal requirement under workplace health and safety laws, specifically the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER 1998) Regulations. These regulations mandate that employers ensure all work equipment, including storage racking, is safe and suitable for use. Regular professional inspections are required to identify and rectify any potential hazards, ensuring the safety of employees and the compliance of the equipment. Quickline Storage offers specialised racking inspection services to help businesses meet these legal obligations. Their qualified inspectors provide thorough assessments, ensuring your racking systems comply with current safety standards and regulations, thus safeguarding your business against potential legal and safety implications.

How often should racking be inspected?

The frequency of racking inspections should align with the usage intensity and environmental conditions of the warehouse. Official guidelines suggest a minimum of an annual inspection by a competent person. However, in environments with high usage, heavy loads, or where forklifts and other machinery are in regular operation, more frequent inspections may be necessary. It’s also recommended to conduct regular internal checks for immediate issues. Quickline Storage provides professional inspection services that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our expertise ensures not only compliance with legal requirements but also helps in maintaining a safe and efficient storage environment, adapting the inspection frequency to the unique conditions of your warehouse and operations.

How long does a racking inspection certificate last?

A racking inspection certificate is typically valid for one year. After this period, a new inspection is necessary to ensure the racking system continues to meet safety standards and regulations. This annual cycle is crucial as it helps in identifying any wear and tear or damages that might have occurred, ensuring the ongoing safety of the warehouse environment. Quickline Storage provides thorough inspection services that result in the issuance of a certificate, indicating compliance with safety standards. Their annual inspection service ensures your racking systems remain in optimal condition, adhering to the latest safety regulations and best practices, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring operational efficiency.

Can I do my own racking inspection?

While daily or weekly internal checks by trained staff are important for operational safety, a formal, comprehensive racking inspection requires a qualified professional. This is because professional inspectors are trained to identify specific risk factors and compliance issues that may not be apparent to untrained eyes. They follow a stringent assessment process that aligns with regulatory standards. Quickline Storage provides expert racking inspection services, bringing in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure thorough compliance with UK safety regulations. Their services go beyond superficial checks, encompassing detailed analysis of structural integrity, load capacities and overall racking system safety, thereby providing a level of scrutiny and assurance internal inspections cannot match.