Shelving Systems

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Warehouse shelving systems are ideal for storing hand loaded items, and at Quickline we asses each project and design every system to meet the individual requirements and specific needs of each business. By taking into account the size and weight of the goods stored and choosing the right warehouse shelving system we ensure storage space and efficiency is maximised.

There are 4 different types of warehouse shelving systems: –

  • Short span warehouse shelving systems are suitable for even the smallest of items and they can also incorporate dividers, door fronts, drawers and side and back cladding which also improves protection and security of the products stored.
  • Long span warehouse shelving systems are ideal for bulky and/or heavy hand loaded items and can be designed to suit most warehouses as the frames and beams come in a wide range of sizes. You can also install medium and long span shelves in the same rack making it a very versatile option.
  • Carton live warehouse shelving systems feed cartons onto inclined rollers where gravity feeds them down to the next aisle where the product can then be picked. It uses a first-in first-out system making it a good choice for companies with fast moving stock with a predictable turn over.
  • Multi-tier warehouse shelving systems are shelf-mounted or raised platform racks that are independent of their surroundings. Shelving can be multi-tiered and incorporate walkways and stairs at different levels which enables you to maximise your vertical space.

Give us a call today and we will evaluate your needs and design the best possible shelving system for your warehouse.