Should I Choose New Or Used Racking?

New or used warehouse racking

There are a number of options when choosing pallet racking. One such option is whether to buy new or second hand racking. But which is the best option for your business? Here we look at some of the things to consider;

Budgets and Supply

You may be operating on a budget and think that used racking will be the cheapest option. But this isn’t always true as in most cases we are able to offer a racking or shelving solution that is more cost effective due to being correctly designed and fit for purpose, and not over engineered using steel which isn’t needed.

The bigger your project, the better chance you have of matching your racking systems because we can guarantee the supply from our suppliers, something you may struggle with when using high quantities of used racking. Similarly, if you use second racking for your warehouse project, there is no guarantee that getting replacement parts, adding additional runs or retrofitting beam levels will be in the same system. Because second hand racking suppliers buy from companies replacing their existing systems, the products available to you are whatever they have stocked at that moment in time. If you install new racking, we can guarantee that our supply chain will be able to match your installed system.


Maintaining a safe warehouse is critical to your business, but it is not possible to guarantee the performance, condition or safety of used product as we cannot trace the origin, or tell if the structure has been compromised through damage or overloading. This isn’t an issue if you order new racking as we know the manufacturer and system. Therefore, we are able to provide guarantees for the performance and loadings.


Another reason you might consider used racking is if you have a short term lease on a unit you want to utilize before moving to bigger premises. Whilst this might seem like the most cost effective solution, we offer a full relocation service where we will strip down the racking, transport it to the new unit and reinstall it. This way, you get all the benefits of new racking whilst utilizing all your storage space.

That all been said, if your project includes the strip out of existing racking to replace with new, it might be worth considering selling your old racking to a second hand supplier as this can help to offset some of the project cost.

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