Storage System Design From Quickline’s Director

Stocked Mobile Racking

Quickline Director Adam Jagger shares his knowledge on providing the most effective warehouse storage solutions; exploring the different considerations that must be made for maximum efficiency and the best use of space. Read his thoughts below.

“When designing storage equipment for a warehouse it is always best to begin with the unit of load. Whether it be a pallet, box or loose item, the perimeters are a good basis to begin the design process. It is important to consider all variables within the load and how they move within the warehouse environment i.e how frequently they are picked and the throughout speed of their replenishment.

Another consideration is weight. Storage structures are designed around imposing weight loads and as such all data should be recorded to ensure a safe system. As there are a huge amount of parameters to consider, the load should be considered carefully before any design commences.

Once the above is confirmed a design of the warehouse can be drafted, ensuring correct quantities of each product are mapped within the scheme. As some products are date sensitive, stock rotation may need to be considered and the access to product increased. Some slow moving products may be able to be bulk stored by block stacking.”

How Quickline can help

All the above can be a daunting prospect and one that takes a lot of time. At Quickline we are dedicated to your storage needs and pride ourselves on efficient warehouse design. We undertake all this process as part of our free consultation service so if you are planning on a new warehouse be sure to get in touch.