Maximising warehouse space for Andrew Page

When Habasit (UK) Limited needed a warehouse storage design for their new 40,000 square foot premises in Elland and we were only too happy to help!

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Andrew Page
June 2016
Markham Vale
Maximise Warehouse Space, Mezzanine Floor
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The innovative mezzanine floor design proposed by Quickline offered a solution to the problem of the foundation pads being insufficient to support the loading of a 3 tier mezzanine floor system. The first tier was created using a floor over shelving system; this enabled the load to be spread across the racking uprights anchored into the concrete floor and allowed us to maximise warehouse space.

How we maximise warehouse space

The two upper levels, could then be installed using a typical mezzanine floor system supported by the foundation pads already in place in the warehouse floor. The three floors along with the racking at ground level work together seamlessly to create the 42 metre by 32 metre structure. Taking advantage of the available height the warehouse provides, the new installation drastically maximises the amount of available warehouse storage space; gaining over 4000 square metres across the 3 levels.

Additions to the mezzanine floor design

Electrical works included lighting and emergency lighting to each of the floors, smoke detectors and sounders, manual call points to the top of each staircase, double sockets & CAT5 data points through each floor and a new 3-phase distribution board.

As part of the mezzanine design we included a reversible in-line belt conveyor per level which allows stock to be easily transferred to the desired tier from ground level and vice versa. The inclusion of a total of six pallet gates permits free movement of palletised stock from each of the 3 levels using a reach truck.

A new sprinkler installation that tied into the existing sprinkler system in the warehouse runs through each level.

Completing the project

The entire 16 week project was managed by Quickline under CDM regulations, in a sectioned off compound within the warehouse. This enabled the client to continue operations throughout the build whilst ensuring the high standards of health & safety protocol in place could be monitored and adhered to by the Quickline management team.

Quickline worked closely with Andrew Page staff to ensure the entire project ran safely, to schedule and without disruption to their operations. All personnel were inducted on to the clients’ site and on to the Quickline compound; operating to risk assessed safe working methods.

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