Warehouse Storage Solution for B&M Retail

When fast growing discount retailer B&M Retail took on a new 350,000 square foot distribution warehouse in Runcorn, Quickline were eager to get involved and deliver a warehouse design which provide the best possible storage solution for their expanding operations.

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Unisurge International Ltd
April 2016
Runcorn, UK
Pallet Racking, Warehouse Design, Warehouse Storage Solution
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How the warehouse design came together

As part of the design Quickline put together a CDM Co-ordinated project for the full 20 week build schedule. To maximise the available warehouse space for our clients’ operation, it was necessary to remove a three tier shelving structure of over 15,000 bays and 2 kilometres of conveyor system.

This made way for a brand new drive-in racking layout with 10m high frames. The drive-in pallet racking alone provides 6760 pallet spaces for cost efficient bulk storage. Bespoke column boots were designed and incorporated with the guide rails to minimise the risk of any damage to the system when operating fork lift trucks in the lanes.

Creating pallet racking spaces

The remaining pallet spaces were created using a mixture of new Stow adjustable pallet racking, existing Schaefer racking and cantilever racks. Quickline created a bay profile that brought uniformity to the entire system. Using phased sectional handover dates, the client was easily able to move stock into the new warehouse quickly and store it efficiently throughout the life of the project.

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