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May 2023
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Founded on a rich legacy, GS Yuasa Corporation boasts a storied history in the energy storage sector. The company emerged in 2004 from the merger of two esteemed entities: Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd., established in 1917, and Yuasa Corporation, founded in 1918. These foundational companies were pioneers in the production of lead-acid batteries for diverse applications, ranging from automobiles to industrial needs.

Fast forward to the present, and GS Yuasa continues to be a trailblazer in energy storage solutions. Their commitment to innovation and quality has positioned them as a global leader in the field. This legacy laid the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration with Quickline in their recent warehouse project.

Upon securing a new warehouse, GS Yuasa turned to Quickline for support. Drawing on their extensive history and expertise, Quickline seamlessly provided a tailored array of storage solutions. The choice of reach truck-operated Wide Aisle pallet racking, doubling the storage capacity to over 30,000 locations, reflects not just a project milestone but a convergence of legacy and cutting-edge efficiency.

The incorporation of an 860m2 mezzanine floor with provisions for upward expansion adds another chapter to GS Yuasa’s commitment to adaptability and foresight. As the project unfolded seamlessly, it serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and collaboration that both GS Yuasa and Quickline embody.

Looking ahead, this successful venture not only marks a moment in a project timeline but signifies the continuation of a dynamic partnership. With a shared commitment to excellence, GS Yuasa and Quickline anticipate future collaborations that build on the foundation of history, innovation, and mutual success.

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