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When Kitchen Craft outgrew their old premises they approached Quickline to design and install the best possible storage solution for their new 216,000 square foot warehouse in Birmingham.

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July 2019
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Background: As Kitchen Craft Birmingham expanded its product line and increased production capacity, the existing storage facilities were no longer sufficient. The need for a more organized and space-efficient storage system became evident. After thorough research and evaluation, the decision was made to implement a mezzanine floor and pallet racking system to maximize vertical space and streamline warehouse operations.

Challenges Faced: Before the implementation of the new storage solution, Kitchen Craft Birmingham faced several challenges:

  1. Limited Space: The existing warehouse layout had limited vertical space utilization, leading to congestion and inefficiencies.
  2. Inefficient Storage: Conventional storage methods resulted in difficulties in locating and retrieving specific items quickly.
  3. Growing Product Range: With an expanding product range, the need for adaptable and scalable storage solutions became critical.

Solution Implemented: Kitchen Craft Birmingham partnered with Quickline Limited, a reputed company with a track record of successful warehouse optimization projects. Quickline proposed a comprehensive solution that included the installation of a mezzanine floor and a pallet racking system tailored to Kitchen Craft’s specific needs.

  1. Mezzanine Floor: Quickline designed and installed a mezzanine floor to create additional usable space without expanding the physical footprint of the warehouse. This innovative solution effectively doubled the available storage space.
  2. Pallet Racking System: To enhance storage efficiency, Quickline implemented a high-quality pallet racking system. This system allowed for the organized stacking and retrieval of palletized goods, optimizing the warehouse’s vertical space.
  3. Customization: The mezzanine and pallet racking system were customized to accommodate Kitchen Craft’s diverse product range, ensuring efficient storage for items of various sizes and shapes.

Results and Benefits: The implementation of the mezzanine floor and pallet racking system brought about several positive outcomes for Kitchen Craft Birmingham:

  1. Space Optimization: The mezzanine floor effectively doubled the storage capacity, allowing the company to handle increased inventory without the need for a larger facility.
  2. Improved Efficiency: The pallet racking system streamlined inventory management, reducing the time and effort required for locating and retrieving products.
  3. Scalability: The customized solution provided by Quickline allowed for easy adaptation to the company’s evolving needs, accommodating the growing product range seamlessly.
  4. Enhanced Safety: The new storage system was designed with safety features, ensuring a secure working environment for warehouse staff.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Kitchen Craft Birmingham and Quickline Limited exemplifies how strategic warehouse upgrades can significantly impact operational efficiency. The successful implementation of the mezzanine floor and pallet racking system not only resolved immediate space constraints but also positioned Kitchen Craft for continued growth and adaptability in the dynamic kitchenware market. This case study stands as a testament to the importance of investing in tailored storage solutions to meet the evolving needs of a thriving business.

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Kitchen Craft warehouse racking construction
Mezzanine Floor Storage
Kitchen-Craft warehouse racking systems

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