The Benefits of Carpet And Flooring Racking

What is Carpet and Flooring Racking?

There are a few situations where bespoke racking is particularly beneficial and more suitable than standard pallet racking. Storage of carpets is one such situation. This is due to the size and weight of the carpet rolls, which are often too bulky and heavy for standard racking systems. Although carpet racking uses standard beams and frames, they are generally designed around heavier duty versions and built for the additional size of the rolls. Each beam level is also reinforced with decking to share the weight load and reduce the carpet roll from sagging in the middle.

Carpet racking offers the depth required to store carpet rolls and can be designed to allow the storage and access of goods from both ends to enhance efficiency. By installing the racking back to back, storage capacity is maximized. As the carpet rolls are stored face on, storage and retrieval is done using standard fork trucks with a boom fixing.

Benefits of Carpet Racking

As carpet racking systems are bespoke, the beam levels can be adjusted to accommodate the differing sizes of carpet rolls ensuring optimised storage capacity.

Carpet racking does not require specialist handling equipment, with standard fork trucks being used which reduces the need to have multiple trucks on site.

This racking system is suitable for any flooring type that is stored on a roll, such as carpet and vinyl.

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