The Benefits Of Multi-Tier Shelving

Benefits Of Multi-Tier Shelving

If you find you’re in need of additional shelving capacity but don’t have the floor space for additional shelving units then multi-tier shelving could be the answer you’re looking for.

What is Multi-Tier Shelving?

Multi-tier shelving is a raised shelving system across multiple levels which is independent of the main warehouse structure. Linked by integral raised walkways and accessed by stairs, it can increase your storage capacity by allowing you to store more in less space. Simply by utilising the vertical height of your warehouse you can create significant extra storage capacity without incurring the costs of expansion or relocation.

Built around the heavy duty, load baring uprights, the entire system is independent of the surrounding building. The uprights take the load of the shelving system and walkways, allowing as many as five levels – should the vertical height allow. Multi-tier shelving units are subject to building regulations, but we can complete this application on your behalf.

Access & Storage

Designed for the storage of hand picked items, the installation of multi-tier shelving is quick and simple, providing a cost effective solution to solve the problem faced when requiring additional storage capacity.

Whilst best suited to low turnover environments, it can be effective for higher turnover items by optimising replenishment and picking. The storage and retrieval of goods is enhanced through the use of pallet gates, lifts, and chutes to allow efficient and effective product picking.

The role of Quickline

We will work closely with you to understand your project requirements and provide a free, no-obligation site visit to discuss the best option to meet your needs.

During our initial site survey, our highly skilled team will review all safety issues before submitting a bespoke multi-tier solution which will best serve your needs.

Following the approval of the drawings, our experienced Contracts team will project manage the installation to deliver a project which on spec and on budget.

Email or call us on 0113 880 0866 to speak to one of our team about how our design and consultancy services can optimize your warehouse space.