Warehouse Decking

Warehouse decking options

Decking which sits on pallet racking or shelving levels comes in various forms and has several reasons for being used, most commonly for applications which store multiple pallet sizes or where loose items are needing to be stored.

In this article we will be comparing the two most popular warehouse decking types; mesh and timber. Whilst highlighting certain scenarios where it is crucial you chose the correct type of deck.

Different warehouse decking types

The first notable difference between the two involves fire, which touch wood (pardon the pun!), will be something you never encounter however it is worth considering. Should sprinkler systems be a part of the structure and trigger following the event of a fire, the timber decking strength and subsequently weight capacity would be compromised. Should pallets of considerable weight continue to be stored it could lead to a potential collapse.  On the other hand, mesh is able to maintain its capabilities after a sprinkler system goes off. Sticking on the topic of sprinklers, mesh decks also have the advantage of allowing water to travel straight through the levels due to the gaps in the mesh.

We would also advise going with a mesh deck over a timber deck when installing pallet racking outside. The galvanised finish ensures rusting is prevented. Although rusting isn’t a concern for timber, the weather conditions would again over time adversely affect the capacity of the timer deck.

In systems where every millimeter is crucial, timber eats into the space between the beams as you have to account for the thickness of the deck. Whereas mesh sits almost exactly flush on the beam so you can utilise every bit of space for the pallets you are storing.

You may be thinking that it is a ‘no brainer’ to go for mesh over timber. However, many applications will be perfectly suited for timber and the added benefits of mesh don’t really apply. There is of course the price difference which we haven’t touched upon. Mesh decking is more often than not a more expensive option than timber decking due to the materials involved in manufacturing and in many cases timber is the most cost effective option.

We could of course, delve a lot deeper into the mesh vs timber debate although I hope the above has given you a greater understanding of which decking type you may decide suits your warehouse application best. Should you want any more information or require a Quickline representative to advise you during a site visit please get in touch.