Warehouse Relocation Checklist

Warehouse Relocation

When it comes to moving warehouse there a few things you can do to make things that little bit easier. Use our checklists below to make sure your warehouse relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Before moving warehouse


1. Evaluate your layout

Moving warehouse is the perfect time to think about maximising warehouse space. Question your workflow and consider if you can move or reconfigure the space to work in a better way for your business. Consider adding functional areas such as mezzanine floors or exploring alternative space saving racking options.

2. Clean house

When you warehouse is operating every day getting out the duster can fall down the list of priorities. During a warehouse relocation, you get the perfect opportunity to shuffle things around to accommodate new arrivals, throw away things you haven’t used for a while and generally have a tidy up.

3. Check for new regulations and permits

Make sure you know exactly what permits are required and which restrictions apply at your new facility before moving warehouse. Be smart and do your homework before relocating so that nothing gets delayed and you don’t have the headache of getting caught out while you’re focused on moving.

During the warehouse relocation


1. Be on high alert for theft

The best way to make sure your security is up to scratch is to give our 10 ways to improve warehouse security blog a read. During the move itself and the unpacking process, your products are more vulnerable. To avoid any issues assign trusted team members to moving zones and double check systems for loads. Another key tip is to stay on top of inventory and go through everything coming in and going out during the warehouse move with a fine-toothed comb.

2. Watch out for product damage

When pallet racks or shelving are being unloaded the possibility of spills, bumps or poor repacking is high. Make sure staff are aware that you’d rather have things moved right over moved quickly.

3. Call in the professionals

Moving warehouse is stressful enough but when it comes to moving your racking systems there really is no reason not to call in the professionals. At Quickline we offer a full dismantling and reinstallation service to relocate your racking efficiently and to exacting standards. Find out more about it here.

There’s a lot to think about during any warehouse relocation. Let us take a load off by providing you with professional storage consultants to help you maximise space and get relocated quickly and easily. To find out more get in touch with us today.

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