What is Cantilever Racking?

What is Cantilever Racking

Sometimes you will have inventory that can’t be stored away nicely on standard pallet racking, as it might be too bulky, too heavy or too long. This is where cantilever racking is the best solution.

This type of racking uses cantilever arms which are attached to uprights and is ideal for storing large and heavy goods that are stored either loosely or on stillages or multiple pallets.

Although it can be used to store any large or irregular item, it is generally found in sectors such as builders merchants and window manufacturers to store timber, aluminium or PVC profiles, or metal tubing.

What are the benefits for using cantilever racking?

The ability to store items that don’t fit on standard pallet racking is a key benefit to cantilever racking, but there are a number of others, such as the ability to store goods on pallets or stillages, loose or wrapped.

One advantage of cantilever racking is that is can be easily used indoors or outdoors, depending on the products being stored and available space. By using the racking outside, it frees up valuable internal space for goods that can be affected by changes in weather. And often times, goods yards have plenty of available space going unused.

Open fronted racks enable easy access to goods, maximising the storage potential, reducing handling time and improving stock management.

There is no need to use specialist vehicles to access the goods, saving the cost of investing in new trucks.

As each arm is independent, it offers a range of flexible options for the storage of a wide range of goods, which are also easily adjustable when inventory changes.

Each upright is manufactured to fit both sides, allowing the racking to be used as either a single or double sided system to provide further space saving.

Heavy duty systems offer a range of load bearing options for use in many commercial and industrial environments.

Where would you use it?

As cantilever racking provides the perfect racking system for storing and retrieving long, heavy and bulky items, it is best utilised in a range of industries, including timber and building merchants, window manufacturing, metal fabrication, automotive and furniture production.

Thanks to its strength and durability, it can be used internally and externally offering a flexible and robust storage system to meet any storage needs. The system is only constrained by the available height of a warehouse or fork truck.

Mobile or Static?

Quickline can also provide cantilever racking on mobile bases. This system is available in manual or automatic modes, increasing the storage capacity whilst utilising the available footprint, thus allowing growth potential and future proofing the warehouse.

Quickline can provide cantilever racking to help solve your bulky or heavy storage problems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

See our cantilever racking being installed at our Eurocell project.